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Exploring & Defining Our Motto: Purpose

  It has been our pleasure, in the course of our recent installments, to discuss our 2019 theme: Momentum with Passion and Purpose. We’ve heard how one of our best salespeople finds Momentum and maintains it throughout her daily activities. Our staff at large has chimed in to share why they are Passionate about the… Read More »

Exploring & Defining Our Motto: Passion

Continuing our exploration of Opti Staffing’s 2019 theme, Momentum with Passion and Purpose, we are going to delve into Passion and how the employees of Opti define and apply this concept in their day-to-day work. Specifically, we’ve asked our team members to share what part of their work sparks passion within them. Unsurprisingly, many Opti… Read More »

Exploring & Defining Our Motto: Momentum

Now that we’ve defined our annual motto, let’s take a closer look at the themes contained in “Momentum with Passion and Purpose”. Together they make up a bold attitude that keeps us focused on our standards. Taken separately, however, these ideas are no less vital and dynamic in their applications. Let’s start at the very… Read More »

Introducing Our 2019 Motto: Momentum with Passion and Purpose

  As Opti Staffing approaches its twentieth year in business, it is more important than ever that we keep focused on those values and standards that have brought us this far. We are a company built on the interests of our candidates as well as our clients. We prize customer satisfaction over bottom lines and… Read More »

Opti Staffing Group Announces New Location for Vancouver Office

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Opti Staffing Group is proud to announce that the Vancouver team has transitioned to a new location that will enhance the team’s capabilities for serving both clients and candidates. Our newest office is located at: 703 Broadway Street Suite #690 Vancouver, WA “With a more spacious layout in the office and… Read More »

Opti Staffing Group Renews Commitment to Candidate Development

New mission statement created to articulate our holistic hiring approach. Recently several team members at Opti sat down to create a mission statement that reflects our commitment to our candidates. We chose to approach this initiative as a team in order to gain perspectives from various individuals within the company. The goal was to articulate… Read More »

Opti Staffing Group Announces a New Manager in Chicago, IL

CHICAGO, IL – August 1, 2012 – Opti Staffing Group announces a new manager in the Chicago, IL office. Opti Staffing Group is excited to announce the promotion of Chad Hollingshead to lead their team in the Midwest. Chad has been the top recruiter in the Portland, OR office for the last three years. The… Read More »

Opti Staffing Group Announces the Launch of its New Talent Network

(Portland, OR – 2012) – Opti Staffing Group announces the launch of its new Talent Network. This innovative product allows candidates to stay up to date on the latest job opportunities they are working on all via their email or smart phone. Weekly updates are sent to members of the Talent Network that are aligned… Read More »