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How Businesses Are Leading the Way Through Cultural Transformation

How Businesses Are Leading the Way Through Cultural Transformation | Lyons HR

Cultural transformation is a wholesale change in the culture of a company. It is intended to revitalize the workplace, increasing employee engagement, and productivity. It is achieved by making structural changes to the way a company operates so that everyone in it feels a greater sense of commitment. The idea is to ensure that everything… Read More »

Five Lessons Leaders Learned This Year

Five Lessons Leaders Learned This Year - Opti Staffing

In times of crisis, effective leadership is crucial. In 2020, leaders have been confronted with a crisis of immense proportions, and it has tested their resolve like never before. Working through a pandemic and the accompanying economic upheaval has given leaders new insights into how they need to do their jobs. Here are a few… Read More »

Planning for the New Year May Seem Difficult – Here are Some Tips for Managers

Planning for the New Year May Seem Difficult – Here are Some Tips for Managers - Opti Staffing

As the new year approaches, it is a good time for managers to step back, look ahead and begin planning for the upcoming year. Managers need to take the time to evaluate how things are going and determine what direction they want to go. Managers need to establish expectations for their team. Here are a… Read More »

Three Alternatives to Annual Reviews

Three Alternatives to Annual Reviews - Opti Staffing

The annual performance review is a business mainstay everyone is familiar with. But the fact is, annual reviews are not that useful – they really do little to improve an employee’s performance. They have become so routine simply because of inertia. Companies go through the procedure every year as a matter of course without really… Read More »

How to Increase the Productivity of Your Remote Team

How to Increase the Productivity of Your Remote Team - Opti Staffing

Because of the pandemic, many more people are working remotely. But even before the pandemic, there was a trend toward remote work. This kind of arrangement has a number of advantages for companies, but it brings challenges as well. How can managers maintain the cohesion and productivity of their teams when everyone is in a… Read More »

Trusting Your Team is an Underutilized Leadership Trait – Here’s Why It Matters

There are certain core values that are necessary for any group to function. Trust is an important one. Without trust, cooperation and collaboration are impossible. But trust exists along a continuum. There are degrees of trust. The bonds of trust among people can be strong or weak. You may be willing to trust a person… Read More »

Afraid of Negative Reviews? Three Tips to Responding to Less Than Flattering Online Reviews for Your Business

How Should You Respond to Negative Online Reviews? Opti Staffing

From time to time, no matter how hard you try, you are going to get negative reviews online. You just cannot please everybody all the time. When this happens, how should you respond? The first thing to keep in mind is that you definitely should respond. Ignoring the situation will only make matters worse because… Read More »

The Zig Ziglar Philosophy: How Helping Others Reach Their Goals Can Help Your Company Succeed

It’s a counterintuitive path to success, but the man who advocated it was one of the best examples of how it worked. Zig Ziglar, who died in 2012, famously said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want, The Importance of Integrity Ziglar… Read More »

Maintain Strong Communication With Your Candidates Through A Crisis – Here’s Why

Communicating with your candidates is always important, but maintaining strong communication with them during a crisis can set you apart from your competitors. Thanks to COVID-19, our economy came to a grinding halt in March, and businesses are facing unique challenges. On one hand, millions of businesses were deemed “non-essential” and were forced to close their doors, putting them in… Read More »

Get to the Gym – How a Health and Wellness Program for Your Employees Can Increase Their Productivity

Health and wellness programs are becoming more popular among companies because of the many benefits these programs deliver. Companies in the United States spend about $8 billion annually on such programs, while worldwide, businesses are spending $40 billion a year. Why Should Your Company Consider A Wellness Program?  How Wellness Programs Help Wellness programs help… Read More »