Hear what other happy clients have to say about their experience with us.

Client Testimonials

Nicola, Logistics Agent

“Opti is providing a very thorough prescreening process on all candidates presented to us. We are very happy with the service provided by Opti and will use them again for our future placement needs.”


“Opti Staffing really took the time to understand our business and its needs. The staff has toured our facility to understand our business, listened to our needs, and asked questions for the little details. They have been able to find qualified candidates for us to interview and hire. We are now on our third hire from Opti, and we hope to make her a permanent employee. Thank you for being able to meet our needs.”

Steve Lovin, Facility Manager

“Opti Staffing Group has been invaluable in helping us expand our business. We have tried to use other avenues, such as Jobdango and the newspaper, to find qualified maintenance mechanics to support our growing metal recycling business with very limited results. “Since we teamed up with Opti Staffing, we have been able to get people that are qualified in the skill sets that we need and are ready to go to work. We will continue to use this valuable service to make our business grow. Thanks guys!”

Shannon King

“We’ve dabbled with using perm placements in the past and it hasn’t worked for us. When our Opti representative was assigned to our account, it was a welcome change. She’s committed to great service – actively producing quality leads and tuned into a viable security solution that reduces my workload. What a pleasure!”

Janice Wenrich, HR Manager

“Opti Staffing found our company the ‘perfect’ candidate for a position that had always been difficult to fill. The professional follow-up I received during and after the placement was a welcome change from past experiences.”

Rhonda Watt, HR Director

“I have utilized Opti Staffing Group for many years and am extremely pleased with the professionalism of the staff and the quality of the candidates. It is refreshing to work with an agency that listens to your needs and supplies candidates that perfectly match the requirements. I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone at Opti Staffing, hearing the smiles on the phone and knowing that customer service is superior.”

Cheri Briar, CFO

“Not only did my account manager repeatedly demonstrate that she understood our needs, but she worked just as hard to replace a candidate who left during the guarantee period as she did during the initial placement. Opti continues to be my “go-to” resource whenever I need assistance with staffing.”

Dan Fawcett

“Opti Staffing Group has provided a number of highly competent individuals for supporting our dynamic staffing needs. Some of these individuals provided by Opti have become full-time team members. We appreciate and rely on Opti’s professional service. “Thank you for the support.”

Robert D. Blackwood, General Manager

“As you surely know, we get inundated by labor assistance companies, most of whom we would not give the time of day. I can honestly say we are very favorably impressed with you both personally and by the way Opti Staffing has serviced our needs as a customer.”

Doug Reid, VP of Finance and Personnel

“Pat Hanley, our GM, wanted me to let you know that all three of your candidates that he met with were top notch. I would like to add that the candidates you provided us with were several classes above what the other two agencies we used sent us. You came to the shop, got an understanding of what we needed, and what would ‘fit’ here, and sent us people that meet our requirements. Thanks for your hard work.”

Deanna Tuckerman

“The candidate that Opti Staffing Group sent to me has exceeded all my expectations and has been worth every penny I have invested in her. Thank you for bringing such a valuable player to my team.”

Lauren Cutrell

Jeevan and I both agree that out of everyone we have worked with, with the exception of maybe Reed, you [Crystal] have outdone and outshined all other recruiters from Opti Staffing and from any other staffing agency we have gone through. Neither of us could think of any instance where we were displeased with your work.