Exploring & Defining Our Motto: Purpose


It has been our pleasure, in the course of our recent installments, to discuss our 2019 theme: Momentum with Passion and Purpose. We’ve heard how one of our best salespeople finds Momentum and maintains it throughout her daily activities. Our staff at large has chimed in to share why they are Passionate about the work they do. Today, we’d like to show how this theme resonates all the way to the top of our organization.
We sat down with Mike J. Houston, our Chief Marketing Officer, to find out how he strives to maintain the Purpose for which Opti was originally founded.
He was quick to remind us that the company’s annual conference is fast approaching and epitomizes the establishment and preservation of our founding values. This is what Mike had to say:

When was the first conference, and what inspired it?

Our first company-wide conference was just two years ago. That was the first time we brought everyone from all our offices and departments to one location for a weekend event.

Why has OptiCon continued as an annual event?

It was clear from the first night of our first event that people were getting a lot out of meeting one another, putting names and faces together, and being able to share stories of adversity and success. Additionally, it allows us to make sure our mission and message is consistent across our entire company.

How does OptiCon encourage positive community building?

We have a lot of fun at these conferences for sure…but the Saturday sessions with industry leaders is the key. In order to positively affect the communities we serve, we need to be at the top of our game; operating with “best practices”. This is what Saturday is all about.

What are some of your favorite memories from past conferences?

The day sessions have made such an impact and there are so many tools that we have adopted from them…and the team building exercises are awesome. The evening awards ceremony and late evening lip sync competitions have been outstanding…Jamal singing “I wish I was a little bit taller” a couple years ago was killer!

How is the OptiCon agenda/schedule determined, and why?

Our EVP Saul and I work with our regional and branch managers to determine common elements we want to focus on or enhance throughout the organization. From here we meet with the speaker or speakers we have chosen and develop the material and direction for the Saturday sessions. After that Lucy, Debbie and Avonly take over and make all the arrangements and coordinate all of the travel, room reservations, food, swag etc. I really get off easy lol.
Thank you for joining us as we’ve explored the meaning and impact of our 2019 theme: Momentum with Passion and Purpose. It is our goal to use these words to propel ourselves into new arenas of excellence, and we vow to adhere to these ideals long after 2019 is over.