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Opti Staffing Positional Compensation Guide For Executive Roles

Opti Staffing Positional Compensation Guide For Executive Roles

OPTI STAFFING POSITIONAL COMPENSATION GUIDE: Executive Roles and Careers – 2021 Welcome to Opti Staffing Group, It has been our pleasure to provide dependable staffing solutions to the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. We offer desirable positions with proven companies and a host of highly skilled and thoroughly vetted candidates. By focusing on critical… Read More »

Careers That Are Taking Off in 2021

Careers That Are Taking Off in 2021 | Opti Staffing

Despite a pandemic that has driven the unemployment rate up, companies are still struggling to find workers for many different types of jobs. Here are some careers where the demand for people is high and likely to remain so in the years to come. Careers in High Demand for 2021 Skilled Trades and Skilled Trades… Read More »

The Right Hire May Not Always be the Obvious One. How do You Know?

The Right Hire May Not Always be the Obvious One - Opti Staffing

Hiring the right person for the job has never been more important. Even in the time of Covid-19, hiring people with the skills your business needs is a challenge. Making the wrong decision can cost a lot of time and money, not to mention the loss of productivity, which cannot be recovered. So, how do… Read More »

The Ups and Downs of Business Require Hiring Intelligence

Businesses spend a lot of time recruiting and hiring, but according to some prominent management experts, they don’t do a very good job of it. Companies today focus on passive job candidates, they try to recruit as many people as possible, they outsource their recruiting, they use applicant tracking software and vendors who claim to… Read More »

Social Media in the Workplace – Do You Need a Policy for Your Employees?

Social Media in the Workplace – Do You Need a Policy for Your Employees? Opti Staffing

The answer to that question is an emphatic yes. Employees are going to be on multiple social media platforms, and, like it or not, where they work is likely to enter the conversation. So the reputation of the company is at stake. It is obviously better to be proactive than reactive, so you can prevent… Read More »

Workplace Gossip – How to Rise Above the Drama

Gossip is something people have to deal with wherever they work. Humans are social creatures, and we love to talk about other people. Some management authorities say that gossip needs to be eradicated completely from the workplace because it is detrimental to employee morale and productivity. Others, however, are more realistic, believing that it is… Read More »

How to Manage Issues with Temporary Workers

Since the major economic downturn of 2008, companies have been hiring more and more contingent workers. Temp employees are playing an important role in many businesses. Yet, many companies are still not managing these workers as efficiently and effectively as they could be. Human Resources For example, human resource departments in many companies still are… Read More »

Why Job Skills and Soft Skills are Equally Important When Writing Job Descriptions

The importance of technical skills, the so-called hard skills, in a job is undisputed. Job descriptions focus on these types of skills. However, companies should not forget about the soft skills as well when putting together job descriptions. Why Are Soft Skills a Key To Success? The soft skills are just as important. In fact,… Read More »