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Is It Time to Find a New Job – Five Signs That You Are Ready to Move On

If you are dissatisfied at work, you may wonder, is it you, or is it something about the job that just isn’t right? If things aren’t going well, we may think we just have to work harder, do more, change our routine, or something similar to make things right again. But what are the signs… Read More »

Alaska Welcomes You – Job Opportunties in the 49th State

Alaska. It’s the largest state in the country in area, with different climate zones, beautiful natural landscapes, a great variety of wildlife, and native inhabitants with colorful local cultures. Alaska has had an amazing 20 years of job growth, a period matched by only seven other states. When people think of the Alaskan economy, they… Read More »

2020 is Your Year! Here are Ten Steps you Can Take to Achieve Your Career Goals

We all want to grow and develop in our career. But to do so, we need to set goals to give us direction. It just seems like common sense, but in fact many do not take the time to develop these long-term goals, instead simply taking each day as it comes. If you have drawn… Read More »

What Is Your Greatest Weakness? Three Tips to Answering the Most Dreaded Interview Question

It’s a question that really frustrates job candidates. At a job interview, you naturally want to make a good impression, to talk about your skills and abilities, what your strengths are, so there is a natural aversion to describing areas where you need improvement. What is the purpose of such a question anyway, you may… Read More »

How to Find Welding Jobs in Your Area

Looking for a welding job but not sure where to begin? The best thing you can do is pay a visit to Opti Staffing. There are a number of reasons why this is a good move. First, Opti knows where the jobs are. We have a network of employers that our recruiters work with. We… Read More »

Answering Tough Interview Questions Doesn’t Have to be Tough! Here’s Why

There are certain questions that you will probably encounter at just about every job interview. That is because hiring managers believe these questions are effective at finding out if a job candidate is a good fit for the job and the company. Although hiring managers like them, the questions can generate a lot of anxiety… Read More »

How to Encourage Someone Who is Looking for a New Job

If you know someone who is unemployed and needs a job, but is having difficulty taking action, either because the person is apprehensive about the difficulty of job hunting, or because he or she really doesn’t know how to get organized for it, or is just having trouble getting motivated, there are things you can… Read More »

3 Reasons Opti is the Perfect Career Resource

If you are looking for a job, or looking to take that next step in your career, a great place to start is with a staffing agency like Opti. Why? We’re glad you asked. There are a number of reasons. 3 Reasons Opti is Essential for Your Career 1. Access One big advantage you have… Read More »

Six Ways to Stay Safe and Productive

Whether your job involves physical labor or is more sedentary, it is important to take steps to stay safe at work. There are a number of simple precautions you can take to prevent injury and time away from the job. Here are a few. How Do I Stay Safe on the Job? 1. Lift things… Read More »

Three Books That are Great For Your Career

No matter where you are in your career — just starting out, mid-career, or in a more senior position — you can never stop learning, especially in a modern economy that is changing so rapidly. Reading is a necessity if you want to advance in your career. It is something you should always be doing.… Read More »