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The Hard Skills and the Soft Skills Matter – Here’s Why

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Hard skills, soft skills – what exactly are they? Hard skills are the technical skills, the kinds of abilities based on objective, clear-cut, unchanging knowledge. They are the ability to manipulate the tangible world of objects. Examples of hard skills are accounting and finance, engineering, coding, construction design. Soft skills are more amorphous and open… Read More »

How to Manage Your Emotions During an Interview

Interviews are stressful. There is a lot riding on them. Because they are so important, job candidates naturally go through a range of emotions depending on how the interview is going – excitement, satisfaction, anxiety, nervousness, agitation, frustration, and doubt, just to name a few. To perform well, however, it is important to have control… Read More »

Prepping for a Virtual Job Interview?

Job Interviews conducted by video are now common practice among companies. Most do it as a way to access more candidates, screen them more quickly, and save time and money doing it. So, if you are doing a job search, you are more than likely going to encounter this type of interview. Here’s how to… Read More »

Discreet Job Seekers – How to Look for a New Job While Employed

Discreet Job Seekers – How to Look for a New Job While Employed Opti Staffing

Looking for another job while you are employed is a tricky situation. You need to do it – employers prefer to hire people who are already employed because it gives the hiring manager confidence in the person’s ability. At the same time, you don’t want your current employer to find out because that will create… Read More »

Staying Current – How Often Should I Update My Resume?

Staying Current – How Often Should I Update My Resume? Opti Staffing

All job searches begin — and sometimes end — with the resume. It is the lynchpin. It gets the whole thing started. If it is good, you may get to the interview stage. If it is not, you have to begin again. So it is vital that your resume is up to date. And that… Read More »

This Week’s Hot Jobs

Opti is hiring and we want to meet you! During these uncertain times, we are here for you. Employers are trying to fill Administrative, Operations and Skilled Trades positions, and Opti is still the best direct line to these opportunities. We want to stay connected with our candidates and assist you with your job search… Read More »

Temp Work for College Students: How a Temporary Job Can Prepare You to Enter the Workforce

Temp work has a lot of benefits for job seekers, especially for those in college or recent college graduates. It is an option that college students should explore for a number of reasons: 1. Exploring careers One great thing that a temp job will enable you to do is get some experience in a profession… Read More »

Is It Time to Find a New Job – Five Signs That You Are Ready to Move On

If you are dissatisfied at work, you may wonder, is it you, or is it something about the job that just isn’t right? If things aren’t going well, we may think we just have to work harder, do more, change our routine, or something similar to make things right again. But what are the signs… Read More »

Alaska Welcomes You – Job Opportunties in the 49th State

Alaska. It’s the largest state in the country in area, with different climate zones, beautiful natural landscapes, a great variety of wildlife, and native inhabitants with colorful local cultures. Alaska has had an amazing 20 years of job growth, a period matched by only seven other states. When people think of the Alaskan economy, they… Read More »

2020 is Your Year! Here are Ten Steps you Can Take to Achieve Your Career Goals

We all want to grow and develop in our career. But to do so, we need to set goals to give us direction. It just seems like common sense, but in fact many do not take the time to develop these long-term goals, instead simply taking each day as it comes. If you have drawn… Read More »