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Spring into Action: 10 Signs You Are in the Wrong Job

Are you feeling dissatisfied at work? There are many different reasons for such frustration – problems with a supervisor, coworkers, workload or performance expectations. But your feelings could be caused by the job itself and the work you have to do. How can you be sure if this is the reason for your irritation? Here… Read More »

Phone Interview Skills All Job Seekers Should Have

Employers often conduct preliminary interviews over the phone, especially if the job candidate is located in an area some distance from the office. The phone interview is a quick and inexpensive way to screen candidates. The hiring manager basically wants to get some idea of what a candidate like you is like, learn a little… Read More »

Five Everyday Tips and Tricks to Build Time Management Skills

Everyone is trying to be more productive. To improve your schedule and help your team out, you need to have good time management skills. Time is limited and valuable, so you need to get the most out of each minute. Looking for some tried-and-tested time management techniques? 1. Maintain a schedule. To make sure certain… Read More »

Down on the Job Search? Here’s Why a Recruiter Can Help You

If you are planning a job search in the Pacific Northwest, you don’t have to go about it alone. Looking for a job is a stress-filled, daunting endeavor, and a recruiter can help make the whole process easier for you. Are you aware of the role a recruiter can play in your job search? With… Read More »

Time for a Change? What to Expect When Job Searching Mid-Career

Whether because of a change in your industry or in your career goals, there are both advantages and disadvantages to searching for a job mid-career. The experience you have is an obvious advantage, as your track record of accomplishments and skills acquired will appeal to employers looking for well-qualified talent. With experience, you also know… Read More »

Find the Cutting Edge: Five Job Search Tactics You Should be Using

Tired of applying for countless jobs online and waiting to hear back? There may be more you could be doing to find your next job! The work and preparation put in before applying, and the way you showcase your work as a professional, can make a big difference when it comes time to apply. If… Read More »

What Can You Expect When Working with a Recruiter?

If you are looking for a job, working with a recruiter can offer you a number of advantages, giving you access to more employers and accelerating your job search process. Because recruiters work with employers and job candidates every day, they know the ins and outs of how the hiring process works and how to… Read More »

New Year, New Job? Make Sure You’re Prepared for the Job Hunt

Looking for a job is hard work. To do it effectively, you must have clear goals and objectives and a plan as to how you are going to achieve those objectives, as well has having a time frame established for carrying out your plan. Ready to get started on your search for real opportunities in… Read More »

What Can You Do Today to Prepare for a Leadership Role at Work?

If you want to move into the management ranks at your company, you must show company leadership you are prepared for the job. Once you have the knowledge and skills to take on the challenges of leadership and be successful, it’s time to put a plan in place to push your progression. Here are a… Read More »

Four Tips to Shift Your Mindset and Get More Productive Today

You have probably heard this before – it’s not always about working harder, but working smarter. And that’s where mindset comes in, how changing your approach and your mindset can increase your productivity. Here’s four ways you can do just that. 1. Take a Breather We often feel like we are burrowing through a mountain… Read More »