Opti is about People, Results and Relationships.

People are the very heart of what we do.

Professional Development. Personal Growth. Work-Life Balance. Company Expansion. Industry Advancements. Big and small dreams alike, and the strides we take to get there.

These are all aspirations that your best employees have in common, In order to support and facilitate their fruition, people yearn for the opportunity to develop relationships with top performers, visionaries and strategists. This is where Opti comes in, to partner with you and your team to help bring you to the next level of success.

Ultimately, our consumer is both our candidate and client. We partner with our clients as much as we partner with our candidates because we understand that in order to facilitate a long-lasting relationship, we need to understand both sides of the equation.

While the big picture is the actual industry, our Research, Marketing and Business Development Team dives in deep to understand the people and the types of relationships that comprise these industries that make the economy tick.

They are consumer-focused specialists that help us understand the types of people we need to engage to meet the supply and demand of the ongoing back and forth of power in the market. Our team performs internal client and candidate analysis while also collecting complex data from hundreds of external databases, then presents their findings to our Executive and Recruiting Teams in an easily understandable way. Additionally, they help us keep up to date with current events in our focus industries, top recruiting blogs, human resources white papers and more.

Meet the team…

Our Research, Marketing and Business Development Team is managed by Lucy Somme, our Director of Marketing and Research. She started as an admin in the NE Portland office in fall of 2007, and transitioned into the research role shortly after the research department was created. Currently Lucy oversees the Research Department and all of our offices’ Administrative Staff.

Our team of Research Assistants provide our recruiters with vital, accurate and up-to-date pertinent information about our business and the markets we serve. They also assist with various marketing and business development projects as the Research Department and Opti Staffing Group continues to grow and evolve.

Additionally, they assist in providing information to our branches to support them in their recruiting and marketing efforts. Each member of our team comes with a great sense of enthusiasm, along with additional perspectives from their various education backgrounds.