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How to Level Up Your Business’s Online Reputation

Social media today is pervasive, used by just about everyone, providing instant information and opinion. Because it is so influential, businesses need to deal with social media as well. It is essential for managing their reputation online. Without a well developed online presence and wide social media exposure, companies may fall victim to online criticism… Read More »

How to Motivate Your Employees When the Numbers Show Decreased Productivity

You have assembled a great team, people who know their stuff and know how to get things done. But lately you have noticed that they don’t seem to have the same energy and enthusiasm. Productivity has been off, and there seems to be an atmosphere of complacency. You know your team is good. They just… Read More »

Why Job Skills and Soft Skills are Equally Important When Writing Job Descriptions

The importance of technical skills, the so-called hard skills, in a job is undisputed. Job descriptions focus on these types of skills. However, companies should not forget about the soft skills as well when putting together job descriptions. Why Are Soft Skills a Key To Success? The soft skills are just as important. In fact,… Read More »

Congrats To The New Members of our President’s Club

At Opti Staffing, excellence is just what we do! It’s an intrinsic part of how we conduct our business, and the goalpost for which we strive. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare John W. Gardner once said: “Whoever I am, or whatever I am doing, some kind of excellence is within my reach.” Excellence, however,… Read More »

Five Questions to Help You Make a Promotion Decision

One of the jobs of company leadership is to groom the leaders of tomorrow, to find those people in the company who have what it takes to move the business forward, to tackle the challenges of the future and keep the business growing. When is someone ready for the next step? Ask these five questions… Read More »

Put Your Hiring Process on the Fast Track Today!

Some companies seem to have more difficulty than others finding people with the needed skills and experience quickly. Many of the people do not have what the company is looking for, and they seem to lose good candidates during the hiring process to other opportunities that arise. All of this may be happening because the… Read More »

Did You Know About Opti Staffing Group’s Referral Program?

At Opti Staffing Group, we are honored to represent some of the most talented job candidates in the Pacific Northwest. Helping our candidates pursue a career path that fits their goals is the most satisfying job imaginable. And we know that our job candidates have friends or relatives who are equally as talented and who… Read More »

The Benefits of Having a Personal Five-Year Plan

We all have goals for our lives. The question is, how well planned are these goals? Often, they are very general kinds of ambitions without specific timelines and measurements to pursue. Sometimes people do not even consider if they are attainable, why these goals are important to them or how long they should spend pursuing… Read More »

Opti Staffing Group Renews Commitment to Candidate Development

New mission statement created to articulate our holistic hiring approach. Recently several team members at Opti sat down to create a mission statement that reflects our commitment to our candidates. We chose to approach this initiative as a team in order to gain perspectives from various individuals within the company. The goal was to articulate… Read More »

Hand Jive

There is a great deal of advice by all sorts of career experts out there telling you what you need to do during an interview – how to answer questions, how to ask questions, how to dress, how to act, how to prepare. And there are many articles out there on body language, the importance… Read More »