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How a Temp Agency in Tacoma Can Help Recruit, Onboard and Retain Top Talent

Opti Staffing Can Help You Hire in Tacoma!

To find top performers, you cannot simply advertise a job and expect them to just send in an application. These people are in demand. They are interested in more than just a good salary. You need to go look for them. That is why a staffing agency in Tacoma can be an essential resource in… Read More »

Hiring Best Practices for 2021

Hiring Best Practices for 2021 | Opti Staffing

As 2021 looms on the horizon, the job market is much different than a year ago. Many workers have been laid off because of the pandemic, and the unemployment rate is near 7 percent. In January, it was under 4 percent. Companies are likely to be getting a lot more job applications for open positions… Read More »

What Would Make Top Performing Talent Leave a Company to Come Work for You?

What Would Make Top Performing Talent Leave a Company to Come Work for You? - Opti Staffing

The kinds of things that attract job candidates are well known. They all revolve around a certain orientation, one that supports and values employees. It is one that regards workers as the most valuable assets of a company. Here are some of the most important characteristics that will attract workers to your company. 6 Ways… Read More »

Hiring Made Simple – Why a Partnership with Opti is a Smart Move in Today’s Market

Hiring Made Simple – Why a Partnership with Opti is a Smart Move in Today’s Market - Opti Staffing

Companies across the country are relying on staffing agencies to find and deliver workers where they are needed during the pandemic crisis. Public and private sector organizations are using staffing agencies to provide essential workers. As the pandemic continues to create a great upheaval in the job market, staffing agencies like Opti have the experience… Read More »

How to Take the Pain Out of Hiring

Hiring Pain Points - Opti Staffing

When companies have trouble with their hiring process, it is usually in one of the following areas. Here are some common problems firms encounter when looking for new employees and what companies can do to improve the situation. 4 Hiring Pain Points You Don’t Need To Face Alone 1. Hiring managers are poor interviewers. Interviewing… Read More »

Beyond the Resume – Is a Potential Employee’s Personality as Important as Their Skillset?

Personality matters. It can make the difference between success and failure for a job candidate. These days it’s more important than ever. In many jobs today, people work in teams. They need to be able to work together, to get along with each other, so personality is crucial. What Matters More:  Personality or Skillset? A… Read More »

Five Ways to Optimize Your Job Postings

  Job descriptions are often very dull, boring reads. They often look like laundry lists of required skills and job duties. The writing is an uninspired, just-the-facts recitation that plods along. They are a real turn-off for job seekers, who mostly skim over them or skip them completely, put off by the large, imposing blocks… Read More »

How to Make Sure Your Next Hire is a Team Player

Companies want to hire people who know how to work well with others. It has become more imperative than ever because teamwork is necessary today for companies to innovate and stay competitive. How do you find people who are good working in a team setting? During the interview, you can learn a lot about what… Read More »

Why Should Your Business Be Encouraging Employee Referrals?

Companies now recognize the usefulness of employee referrals in hiring. In fact, for many companies, referrals are the primary method of finding new workers. The advantages of referrals are readily apparent – they are people who work in the same industry, who have a track record and who do good work. Finding referrals from your… Read More »