What to expect when you work with Opti Staffing Group.

The Day Of Your Interview

Meeting With A Recruiter

Opti Staffing Group is always looking for skilled and qualified professionals to successfully place with our clients. Whether it’s for a full-time opportunity or a contract position, Opti Staffing Group will conduct a face-to-face interview with each of our candidates to learn more about their professional goals and skill set.

The two top benefits of working with an Opti Staffing Group recruiter are priority and access. As an Opti Staffing Group candidate, you gain access to career opportunities that are not always available or known to the general public. Our clientele often seeks to make hiring decisions and add additional staff without receiving the deluge of applicants that can result when an advertisement is placed on one of the big job boards or on publicly accessed posting sites. Furthermore, when an Opti Staffing Group recruiter discusses a particular position with you, you are receiving immediate consideration without the uncertainty that comes with applying to a typical job posting: Think of it this way … you are going to the front of the line!

What To Expect

When you arrive at an Opti Staffing Group branch, you will be greeted by our friendly administrative staff. They will get you set up for your interview and assist you in the application process. In addition, our branches are offering virtual interviews with our candidates. During a virtual interview, you will meet with our recruiters remotely to complete the interview process. 

Please bring two forms of ID to your interview. You will need to provide a driver’s license or government-issued ID card along with a social security card or birth certificate. Other forms of ID that would be acceptable for our application process include:

Our Application

All candidates that come to meet with recruiters must fill out our application. Your recruiter may send you the application electronically to fill out prior to your appointment, or you may fill out the application in our office upon your arrival.

Our application includes paperwork that will be imperative to our organization once you are placed with one of our clients. You will be asked to fill out the following forms:

The Interview

An informational interview is the best way for our recruiters to get to know your skill set, professional background and career goals. During the interview, you will discuss your career goals and expectations for your next opportunity. We will talk about the priorities you are seeking in a new opportunity or career move. Through this process, we can identify individuals who will best match our clients, their business requirements and corporate culture, as well as specific requirements for the position for which you are being considered. Our number one goal is to find the best fit for our clients and candidates.

Be prepared to discuss the following with your Opti Staffing Group recruiter:

How To Stand Out

When applying for a position or after garnering an interview, perhaps the most critical thing to remember is: You need to stand out from the crowd! Whether it’s writing your resume or cover letter, asking the right questions in the interview or following up with a thank-you note after your interview, standing out from the other applicants is what will land you your dream job. There have been a lot of tips regarding this topic.

Some examples of the right way to do things have been:

While these are valid, they are also situational and specific to the individual. We want to showcase what you do or have done for your employer. What accomplishments have you achieved with past employers that have made them money, saved them money, or improved a process overall, adding to the bottom line? That’s how you stand out. Not because you did it longer than the applicant next to you, but because you did it better than the applicant next to you. Your resume and responses to interview questions should be tailored to focus on those results and cite specific accomplishments that helped you stand out from the crowd.

Maybe You:

One thing in common with these examples – they are quantifiable. It’s not opinion; it’s a fact with further information to back it up. That’s what will separate you from the pack – no matter what position you hold. No matter the tenure of your work. Highlight these accomplishments, and you will stand out from the pack.