What to do in case of a work-related injury:

  • Get first aid treatment or seek medical assistance if it is a serious condition where first aid will not suffice to cure the injury.
  • In the case of severe injuries call 911.
  • Immediately notify Opti Staffing Group Loss Control at 971-200-7505.
  • If cleared to go back to work by a physician return to assignment and finish the day/night.
  • Go to your OSG location and complete a statement regarding the injury and fill out necessary insurance forms.
  • If restricted from work, you will be asked to perform light duty assignments.
    • You are expected to work light duty when available.
    • You are expected to communicate with OSG regarding your condition as you heal.
  • All injuries and accidents will be thoroughly investigated by OSG including interviews with witnesses of the accidents.

What we do to help ensure a safe work environment:

  • We do an on-site safety evaluation of every client you will work for prior to our employees going to work for our clients.
  • We also follow up with you once you have started work to ensure that the safety measures we observed in our on-site evaluation are also practiced on a daily basis.


For employment verification:

Please contact Jona Perkins, our Employment Verification Specialist. He can be reached via telephone, fax, or email.

971-200-7506 / Office

971-200-7507 / Fax

[email protected]