Five Employee Retention Strategies for 2021

As we continue to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been some major disruptions in the workplace. Chief among them has been the switch to working remotely, as companies take precautions to protect their workers.
Experiencing the pandemic has caused a shift in priorities among workers. They value the flexibility of working at home and also their health and wellness benefits. And companies have been responding to these changes in attitudes to keep their people engaged.

Here are a few other strategies companies are using in 2021 for employee retention and engagement.

1. Mentoring

This is a great way to help retain your employees. By pairing an employee with a more senior manager as a mentor, the worker gets the benefit of the mentor’s knowledge and experience accumulated throughout his career. The mentor can give the worker career advice so that he can avoid missteps.
The employee can also go to the mentor for advice on how to handle problems at work.

2. Work/Life Balance

This is becoming more important for workers, especially since the pandemic. Maintaining a good balance between the job and personal time is essential for job satisfaction.
Employers need to show workers that the company understands the pressures they are under in attempting to satisfy the demands of their work and their family life. Businesses can do this by encouraging workers to set boundaries between the two, and allowing workers greater flexibility with their work schedules.

3. Flexibility

More people are working at home because of the pandemic, and they like it. They enjoy doing their work more from home. Many companies are responding by moving to a more hybrid work arrangement, where employees work at the office only two or three days a week.
Businesses are putting procedures in place to make this a more permanent arrangement, such as using digital platforms like Slack to facilitate communication among remote workers.

4. Communication

This is essential to maintain an engaged workforce. Employees need to understand clearly what is expected of them. Feedback is important as well to let employees know how they are doing. This involves listening also, hearing the concerns and ideas from employees.

5. Training and development

Employees want to grow in their career, to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Companies can help with this by providing them opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge. There are a number of different ways to do this, such as giving them time to train online, attend conferences or provide tuition reimbursement.

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