Preparing Your Company for Post-Pandemic Success

The pandemic has brought some big changes. It has accelerated some trends and started some new ones.
These are trends that companies need to prepare for to position themselves for success in a post-pandemic world. They include a big shift to remote work, an emphasis on company culture, and a renewed focus on soft skills.

How Are Companies Succeeding After COVID-19 shutdowns?

1. Hybrid Workforces

Remote work really took off during the pandemic. It is a trend that appears likely to continue. Workers like it. So if companies want to attract the best talent in the future, they will have to adopt a more flexible model for their workplace, one that can accommodate not just office work, but remote work as well.
Studies have shown that four out of every five employers are going to allow remote work after the pandemic. The percentage could be even higher for some industries, like IT companies, marketing and finance. For example, Facebook is predicting that half of its workforce will be working remotely by 2030, and Twitter has said that all of its employees can continue working from home indefinitely.
The trend appears to be toward a hybrid workplace, where employees work at the office only two or three days a week. This arrangement not only deals with safety issues related to the pandemic, but it also satisfies the desires of employees.

2. Company Culture

Working remotely does present challenges to maintaining company culture, and this is something companies will need to prepare for as well. They will have to look for new ways of engaging and connecting with their remote employees to sustain their culture.
Communication will become even more important. Managers will need to talk with their teams about the challenges and stresses they face working remotely, especially with the lingering pandemic.
Gathering information will also be important. To keep a strong culture, companies need to monitor the diversity of their workforce, to ensure that it is inclusive. Gathering data on such things as the salaries of different demographic groups within the firm will help to determine if the business it taking the needed steps to build an inclusive workforce.

3. Soft Skills

More and more, companies are realizing the importance of soft skills and are focusing on these in both their employees and job candidates. These skills will become even more important in a hybrid workplace. To prepare for success, post-pandemic firms will need to focus on ensuring that employees have these skills.
They include abilities such as being able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing, being able to work with others in a collaborative environment, leadership and problem solving skills.

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