Forbes Magazine Names Opti One of the Best Staffing Agencies in America

For the second year in a row Opti Staffing has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms. While last year’s honor was no less flattering, it is tremendous to be celebrated for all the hard work we’ve done to keep our candidates and clients well-represented during a period of great struggle in the job market. It has been no small task to keep the fires burning over the past year, but with the ingenuity and tenacity that have always been Opti’s trademarks, we have kept one foot in front of the other. When the going got tough, we remembered three important lessons that our twenty-one years in business have taught us.

Respect those who you represent:

By treating people with care and respect, we are able to build long-term relationships based on honesty, integrity, and open communication. Each day we remember that the experience we’re creating isn’t ours alone. By honoring the unique paths of each person or organization we represent, our focus stays flexible and genuine. Our motto has always been “Our success is determined by your success!” and we keep this creed at the heart of every interaction we have with our clients, our candidates, and our community.

Obsess over your clients:

This is, if not the most important part of the equation, certainly the most action oriented. It is our goal to put ourselves in the shoes of all those we represent, to anticipate their needs by keenly understanding the unique hurdles and challenges present in their professional endeavors. It’s all about empathy, remembering that we are all striving toward common objectives and that by sharing our vision and priorities we become stronger as a team. For Opti, it isn’t enough to know what our clients and candidates want, we have to understand why these motivations are so important and how we can streamline the experience by gearing our process toward those motivations.

Represent the best:

One of the founding principles of Opti’s business model was the idea that we wanted to represent clients who wanted the best for their team members, and that unwavering value has been integral to our success over the past two decades. We want our candidates to know that we are doing all in our power to safeguard their work experience, and our clients should rest assured that we represent the best and brightest talent on the market.
These lessons have guided our practices during the highly unusual atmosphere of the past year. By keeping them in mind we have been able to adapt to and overcome the challenges that our global community have faced. We are honored to have been chosen by Forbes as one of the country’s top employment agencies, and it is thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff, the dependability of our candidates, and the earnest adaptability of our clients that we have managed to retain our position among the best of the best. When you prioritize bettering your community by providing services tailored to the needs and welfare of those you represent, success is sure to follow.

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