Beyond Famous Quotes: What Makes Us Successful

We all want success. People define success differently. For many, it is wealth, fame, power. For others it is simply being happy at what they do. Still others define success as making a contribution to our store of knowledge or making an impact on society.
Our definitions may be different, but we are the same in wanting to know how to go about achieving success.
Some very successful people – those who have made a big impact on the world – were asked what they did that enabled them to achieve so much. Here is what they said.

8 Ways To Be Successful

1. Aim high

The problem for most people is not that they aim too high for what they want to achieve, it’s that they don’t aim high enough. To be successful, you need to set ambitious goals for yourself.

2. Do what you enjoy

It is difficult to be successful in doing something you don’t really like. And even if you are successful at it, what is the point if you don’t really like doing it?

3. Don’t be afraid to fail

Failure is actually not the opposite of success, it is part of it. You learn more from failure than from success. You develop the resilience and perseverance to push past it toward your goals.

4. Have tenacity and determination

Success does not come easy. It takes time and a lot of hard work, and it cannot be achieved without perseverance and grit. You need to have an unquenchable desire to motivate you.

5. Be proactive, take action

Successful people are doers. They may make mistakes, experience failure, but they keep going no matter what

6. Believe in yourself

As the saying goes, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. If you are going to accomplish anything, you have to believe you can do it. It begins with self-confidence. Self-doubt will sabotage your efforts right from the start.

7. Stay positive

Those who succeed are optimists. Even when confronting adversity, they remain convinced of their own ability to make things come out right. There may be times when they suffer setbacks and become discouraged – we are all human and subject to feelings of disappointment – but they invariably bounce back. A sunny outlook on life is their default setting.

8. Work hard

This advice should come as no surprise. Hard work is no guarantee of success, but there is no way you will achieve success without it.

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