How Referrals and Reviews Can Find Top Talent for You


Online reviews from employees can be a great recruiting tool. Job seekers are looking for honest, accurate information about a company, and they give a good deal of weight to what employees say. A job candidate is much more likely to apply to a company if he or she reads good things about it from someone who works there. Having employees review the company promotes greater engagement among the workforce as well.  
For this reason, companies should encourage employees to provide reviews, but businesses need to emphasize that the reviews are strictly voluntary and should give the employee’s honest opinion about the firm. Companies can also put other content about the company online, such as news articles and other information, that employees can refer to in their reviews.  
If your company does use reviews to recruit, you need to monitor this content to make sure they are honest and accurate. Authenticity is most important. The company should never remove reviews that are less than favorable or pay for positive reviews. 


Referrals are another effective way of finding talent. Companies should encourage their employees, customers, vendors, and anyone else connected to the firm to refer people for employment 
This is one of the best ways to recruit because employees know the good people in their profession and know who would be a good fit with the company. Studies have shown that referrals are not only more productive as employees, but they also stay with the company longer. 
Companies can develop referral programs by communicating to workers the importance of referrals and encouraging employees to make them. Such programs normally offer bonuses to an employee when the person he or she has referred is hired. 
But to really encourage people to make referrals, employees should receive a bonus whether the referral is hired or not. Most companies accept referrals only for open positions. But to make sure you are getting the best people, you should accept referrals at any time.  
To make the referral process more effective, it should be as simple as possible. At most companies there is a good deal of paperwork involved when a person makes a referral. Making referrals should be as easy as possible – by simply providing a name and a short recommendation. 

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