How Temp Life Can Help You Find the Work Life Balance You Want

People take temporary work for variety of reasons. It’s much more common these days because companies are using contingent labor a lot more than in the past. People often take a temp job as a bridge to full-time, regular employment.
Others, however, take temporary positions because they actually like the lifestyle it affords them. One of the most salient advantages of temping is the work-life balance it offers. Finding a balance between work and personal life is often very difficult for full-time workers, especially when companies are trying to do more with less.

There are a number of ways that temporary jobs help with work-life balance.

1. Flexibility

The most prominent way is through the flexibility contingent work offers. You get to decide when and where you work and for how long. If, for example, you are a parent and need to pick up your child at school or be there for him or her at home after school, contingent work can give you the flexibility to do that.

2. Time off

Contingent work also allows you to choose when you want to take time off and for how long. If you want to take an extended vacation, working as a temp makes it easy to do that, as well as choosing what time of year. Or you may need a longer period of time off to take care of a loved one who is ill or for other family emergencies.

3. Overtime

Just as you can choose to work fewer hours, you can also choose to work extra hours. As a contingent worker, you don’t have to worry about salary caps or any types of overtime restrictions. You can work longer hours whenever you want.

4. Burnout

Unfortunately, burnout has become a more common phenomenon in the world of work today. Surveys show that most professionals work at least 50 hours a week, while half of all professionals put in more than 50.
While it is still possible to feel the effects of burnout working as a temp, contingent workers are much less likely to succumb to such pressures. You generally don’t have to deal with the same level of stress as full-time employees, whose work affects their career progression in the company.

5. Maintaining a Career

Also, if you need to take an extended leave from a full-time job to raise children or for some other reason, working as a temp during that time enables you to maintain your skills and professional contacts, so that when you want to resume full-time employment, the transition is much easier.

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