Five Ways to Retain and Re-engage/Rehire Your Temp Staff

If your company uses contingent labor, you want to do what you can to retain these people so that your business runs as efficiently as possible. Constant turnover is not good for any business because it also requires time and effort to train new people.
Retaining your contingent workers is much like retaining your regular employees. What you need to do is similar. In fact, to keep your temporary workers, you should treat them like your full-time employees.

How Can I Keep My Employees Engaged?

1. Welcome them.

It all starts with treating them well, as if they were regular employees. You need to make them feel that they are an integral and important part of the company, not outsiders. Your staff needs to do the same, not make them feel as if they are second-class citizens.
Greet them in the morning. Engage them in conversation. Find out about their interests and families. Include them in company gatherings and social events. Keep them in the loop with company operations and ask for their feedback.

2. Pay them well

Your pay scale should, at the very least, be competitive with other companies in your industry. The same is true for benefits. To really boost your efforts of retaining temp workers, offer salaries that are on the high end for your industry.

3. Communicate

As with regular employees, you need to communicate with your contingent workers, to clearly articulate performance expectations and how those expectations will be measured. You need to give them feedback to let them know how they are doing.

4. Offer rewards

You most likely have an incentive system for your regular employees. You should include your contingent staff in the program as well. Give your temp workers recognition for a job well done. Include them in any bonus program you may have.
If you offer any other incentives for exceptional performance, such as tickets to sporting events, movies or plays, free meals at restaurants, days off, include the contingent staff here also.

5. Offer training

Everyone is looking to grow and develop in their career, and contingent workers are no exception. Another way of retaining these people is to offer training programs for them. It could be through mentoring or on the job training, or reimbursing them for courses they take.

Looking for employees?

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