Spring into Action: 10 Signs You Are in the Wrong Job

Are you feeling dissatisfied at work? There are many different reasons for such frustration – problems with a supervisor, coworkers, workload or performance expectations. But your feelings could be caused by the job itself and the work you have to do. How can you be sure if this is the reason for your irritation? Here are some signs that you may want to start looking for a new job.

Is it time to look for a new job? Maybe, if…

1. It has a negative effect on your mood.

Even when you are not at work, thinking about work can put you in a bad mood. Sunday nights become the worst time of the week because you know you have to go to work the next morning. And when you are at work, you are in a bad mood because you just don’t like what you are doing.

2. It’s boring

You feel more like a machine than a person. The work has become routine, assembly line kind of stuff. It does not excite or challenge you, draw you in or require all of your effort and concentration.
It seems like five o’clock will never come. You become a clock watcher. You often feel like nodding off. And you find that you are checking Facebook a lot more than you should.

3. You have problems with the boss

Your supervisor is seldom happy with your work. Criticism from time to time is a good thing, but if your supervisor is correcting you or criticizing your work on every assignment, it’s a strong indication that something is wrong. It may just be that you really don’t have the needed skill set for the job, or you may just not have your heart in it and are not giving it your best effort.

4. You are not capitalizing on your strengths

Your job should align with your strengths, not focus on your weaknesses. If it does not, it is time for a talk with your supervisor or to look for a job that does make the best use of what you are good at.

5. You are gossiping too much

Your frustration and dissatisfaction with the job begin spilling over into negative comments and complaints. All you see is what is wrong with the job.

6. You don’t finish projects

The list of things you need to do keeps growing, but you continually have problems wrapping up projects. It could be that you are just having trouble mustering the motivation and energy to get things done.

7. You are not growing in the job

Things have become monotonous and routine – you are not learning anything new or experiencing any professional development.

8. You are taking more time off.

You are taking more personal days or sick days than in the past because you want to avoid going into work.

9. You focus just on getting things done, rather than doing them well.

You simply want to do what you have to as quickly and easily as possible, rather than really engaging with the work and growing through it.

10. You are indulging in some unhealthy behaviors

If the job is frustrating, you may look for ways to cope with your unhappiness that are not the best, such as drinking, taking drugs, or gambling or other more subtle behaviors that block you from doing your best.

Are you looking for a new job?

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