Five Ways to Optimize Your Job Postings

Job descriptions are often very dull, boring reads. They often look like laundry lists of required skills and job duties. The writing is an uninspired, just-the-facts recitation that plods along. They are a real turn-off for job seekers, who mostly skim over them or skip them completely, put off by the large, imposing blocks of print. Here are some ways to jazz up your job descriptions, to make them more interesting AND actually get more applications!

What Are the Current Best Practices For Posting A Job?

1. Include something unique about the job.

Include in the job description something that the company offers that is different from most others. Does your company, for example, offer on site day care, yoga classes, healthcare facilities, or recreation areas? To attract talent, many companies these days are offering unique benefits to employees, and you should highlight them in the job description.

2. Use everyday language

Avoid the temptation to use jargon or any abstruse terminology. Use language that is simple, clear and direct, in terms that any layman can understand. Good writing uses straightforward, declarative sentences with concrete nouns, strong verbs, and active voice. There are no unnecessary words.
Sometimes job ad writers can get a little carried away, describing the job as if it were the most fascinating position on Earth. Job candidates can see through the hyperbole, which generally is just a turn-off. Be honest what the job is about.

3. Show how the job can help the candidate

Most job descriptions contain only demands and requirements – the skills the candidate must have and the things he or she must do for the company. To make the description more appealing to candidates, explain also what the job can do for them in terms of professional growth and development, how it can help their skills and career. Studies have shown that this produces three times as many responses.

4. Be creative with headlines

Take the time to experiment with different headlines for the job description. This is the first thing that the job candidate will see. If it is something dull and nondescript, the candidate may look no further. Avoid simply using the job title as a headline. Try to come up with something that will grab the reader’s interest.

5. Use a different approach

Use the job ad to tell a story. Everyone likes to hear stories. You can use it to explain your company mission and culture. Another way to pull a person in is to begin the ad with a question.

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