Why Should Your Business Be Encouraging Employee Referrals?

Companies now recognize the usefulness of employee referrals in hiring. In fact, for many companies, referrals are the primary method of finding new workers. The advantages of referrals are readily apparent – they are people who work in the same industry, who have a track record and who do good work.
Finding referrals from your top employees is a great way to build your workforce! Learn how Opti employees can earn referral bonuses by connecting their friends and family. We are here to help you – and anyone you would like to refer – find success!

What Makes Referrals Effective Employees?

Referrals tend to learn the job quickly, are more productive and stay with a company longer. They are generally more engaged with their work – knowing someone when they start a new job is a great help in the transition. They come to a company already vetted, in a sense, by the employee who referred the person. The referral is generally a part of the employee’s professional network. The employee knows the person, the person’s character and performance.

Do Your Homework

Referrals are not without risks. For example, even though the employee may know the person they’re referring professionally, the employee may have little depth of knowledge about their friend’s work experience. Also, companies usually offer various incentives to encourage employees to make referrals, and some employees may simply make referrals to get the rewards offered, with little consideration given to the quality of the referral.
Referrals need to be evaluated as thoroughly as anyone else using the company’s traditional screening process. Referrals can fall prey to the same temptations as other job candidates. The bottom line is referrals need to be vetted as carefully as any other job candidate, not only to catch problems, but to make sure the hiring process is a fair one.

Encourage a Diverse Workforce

Another potential problem with referrals is creating a homogenous workforce. An employee generally refers people who have similar experience and backgrounds as they do; people who the employee feels they can work with and would fit in with the company.
However, hiring primarily this way can create a lack of diversity in the workforce, which dampens creativity and innovation. So while vetting referrals, it’s in the company’s best interest to probe their thinking processes, outlook, values and beliefs as a way of determining the diversity the person would add.
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