What Can You Do Today to Prepare for a Leadership Role at Work?

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If you want to move into the management ranks at your company, you must show company leadership you are prepared for the job. Once you have the knowledge and skills to take on the challenges of leadership and be successful, it’s time to put a plan in place to push your progression. Here are a few things you can do to build a foundation for a leadership role.

1. Show you are a problem solver.

When a problem arises, instead of going to your supervisor, be proactive and come up with solutions you can present to your boss. For example, maybe the number of hits to your company website is down. Instead of just passing that information along, present some suggestions to get the traffic up again, such as contests on Facebook or Twitter, for example.

2. Find ways to put yourself into a management role.

Ask your supervisor if there are any kind of ancillary management roles you can take on, such as training new people, supervising an intern, leading meetings or planning company events like picnics or community events.
This will enable you to show your leadership skills, as well as your commitment to the company.

3. Learn about the entire company.

If you want a leadership role, you need to know about the whole company, not just your job. Do your research – learn about the company’s goals and mission, look at the annual report and press releases, learn about its operations, business strategies and challenges.
Also, take the time to study your industry as a whole and your company’s competitors. This will show your supervisor you are ready to take on more leadership responsibilities where you can drive your company to the front of the pack in your area and your industry.

4. Go above and beyond now.

Although you are focused on where you want to go, don’t forget about where you are now. In other words, make sure you do your current job well. All your preparation for management won’t help much if your supervisor is unhappy with your performance at your current job.
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