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Using Psychology to Help Achieve Goals at Work

We all have goals. Some are easier to achieve than others. And some are better at reaching their goals than others. The problem with reaching a goal is that it involves making changes, and that is something our mind generally resists. Our mind, psychologists have found, tends to prefer the familiar, the routine, rather than… Read More »

Resistance Training and Stress

Dealing with stress is a constant these days. People identify work as the place that produces most of their stress and anxiety. We handle stress in different ways. Exercise is an effective way of dealing with stress. And new research adds more evidence to the effectiveness of exercise in dealing with anxiety and worry, especially… Read More »

How to be More Effective at Work

We all want to be more effective and productive at work. Here are some research findings that point out a few things that can hurt as well as help our effectiveness and efficiency at work. 1. Open plan offices are bad It is surprising that open plan offices are so popular, given that they actually… Read More »

How to Remember What You Read

Learning never stops. Anyone who wants to advance in his or her career – or even keep his job – knows this. We all learn in different ways – by listening, by watching, by doing. And one of the most common ways is by reading. But a common problem with reading is remembering what we… Read More »

What Recruiters Want

If you are looking for a job, you want to certainly put your best foot forward when talking to a recruiter. Naturally, a recruiter is interested in your experience and your job performance. But there are other things as well that recruiters are looking at when evaluating job candidates. These are things you may not… Read More »

How Exercise Helps the Aging Brain

Research is showing more and more the relationship between exercise and brain health. Older people who get regular cardiovascular exercise have larger brain volume in certain areas, better memory, and lower risk for dementia compared to their more sedentary counterparts. Collateral Circulation Other studies have shown that people who get more cardiovascular exercise in middle… Read More »

How to do Good Time Management

Time management. It may mean something different to different people, but it’s something we all see as important. How can we best manage our time to be the most productive? Here are a few tips from a time management expert. 1. Get off to a fast start with some easy, routine tasks. At the beginning… Read More »

How to Cope When Things Go Wrong

It’s been a bad week so far. Things are not going well at work. Despite your best efforts, problems keep popping up, glitches occur, and the boss is not happy. So, when you have such a week, what can you do to keep your sanity and get through it? Here are a few ideas. 1.… Read More »

How to Focus

To be productive at work, you need to be able to focus. That sometimes can be difficult to do because there are mor e than a few distractions in the office to deal with. There are conventional ways to help improve your focus, such as removing the distractions – avoiding email or social media, drinking… Read More »

Does Social Media Affect Productivity?

Social media is ubiquitous today. Everyone is using it, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform. People seem to spend more of their time on social media than off, either recording what they are doing, or following what others are doing. One survey showed the variety of reasons people use social… Read More »