How to Achieve Your Goals

We all have things we want to achieve in our jobs and in our careers. These are the goals we have set for ourselves. The hard part is figuring how to reach those goals. Here are a few tips on how to achieve your goals.
1. Make your goals specific.
The more vague and abstract your goals are, the harder they will be to achieve and to motivate you. For example, setting a goal of improving your health is too broad and ambiguous to be of much value. How do you know when you have achieved it? What does “improving your health” mean – does it mean being able to walk three miles or run three miles, does it mean being able to do 20 pushups or 50 pushups?
A much better goal would be something like being able to run an eight-minute mile.
2. Give your goal priority
That means devoting all your energy to achieving your goal, not diluting your efforts by having too many goals you are chasing at the same time. Focus on one goal at a time and give it all of your attention.
3. Know when to give up a goal
Sometimes our goals are just unrealistic, and we don’t realize it until we have tried to achieve them. If you have been working toward a goal for a long period of time, but have little to show for your efforts, it may be time to walk away and devote your energies to something more achievable.
4. Make the goal your own
In other words, is the goal something that you want, or something that it being imposed on you by someone or something else? If you want to achieve a goal, you really need a strong desire to reach it, to really want it. The goals we most want to achieve are usually the ones we create ourselves.
5. Break down your goal into smaller benchmark goals.
Every great achievement is reached one small step at a time. So, you need to break your end goal into smaller goals – benchmark goals you set for yourself along the way toward your final goal. For example, your final goal may be to write a novel. But you can break up that goal into smaller goals of writing five pages a day.
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