How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

If you are looking for a new job, you may encounter one of the more enjoyable aspects of job hunting – getting more than one job offer. We should all be so lucky, you say. True.
But, these days it is more likely than in the past. Demand is high for talented people, especially in growing areas like IT and healthcare. If you are a top performer at whatever job you have, you are much more likely to receive multiple job offers.
So, if this should happen to you, how do you go about dealing with this pleasant dilemma? Here are a few tips.
1. Request more time to make a decision.
Most companies are pretty good about this if you ask for a few more days to make a decision. You need to be careful though that you don’t drag it out too long, or you may end up losing an offer.
2. Make a comparison
Examine what each company is offering and compare. Make sure you check everything – go beyond just the salary and benefits. Check out how long it takes to get to work, the company culture, job flexibility, the job duties, and the opportunities to move up or expand your role. Think about your own career plans and how each job fits in with those. Consider how each job aligns with your own values.
Company culture is important to consider. How well do you think you will fit in with the people at each place? Does the personality of the company align with your own? How happy do you think you will be working there?
Do more research. Look at the most recent news reports about each company and what the growth has been like.
Were there any indications of problems at a company? For example, was the interview process a little too disorganized? Is there a high turnover rate at the company?
Also, don’t ignore your gut. What are your instincts telling you?
3. Draw up a list of pluses and minuses.
This is a good way to make a comparison between companies.
4. After deciding.
If you have decided against a particular company, you should inform them of your decision in person, and be sure to convey to them your appreciation for the offer.
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