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How to Boost Your Creativity

Recent surveys have shown that the number one quality business leaders look for in employees isn’t integrity or intelligence or grit or determination – it’s creativity. Businesses want to be leaders in their particular industry, and for that they need to be innovative, and they want innovative people. Here is some of the advice on… Read More »

Jump Starting Your Productivity

With summer comes heat, longer days, vacations, travel, outdoor activities. All of this tends to dampen our productivity somewhat. But, summer is now behind us, and we can rededicate ourselves to our work and ramping up our performance. Here are a few things you can do to get back into the swing of things for… Read More »

How to Save Time

We all want more time in the day. There never seems to be enough for everything that we want to get done. But the fact is, we waste a lot more time than we are aware of. It is just that we do not make the best use of our time. By keeping better track… Read More »

The Here and Now – How to Get More Done

No matter who we are or where we work, we all want to do more, do it better, and do it faster. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our performance. Because of this pressure, many people turn to drugs, stimulants that make us more alert and energized. More students are taking them during… Read More »

Getting Better Organized

We are all looking to improve our performance and to be more productive. We all have goals we want to achieve. None of these things are possible without being organized. To make any progress, we need a method, a plan of action. Here are a few tips on how to get better organized. 1. Set… Read More »

Networking Tips

Everybody knows how important networking is. But there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Like anything else, you need to do some planning and preparation before diving in. You should do a little research to determine who can be of most use to you in your career,… Read More »

The Influence of First Impressions

When we meet someone for the first time, we are quick to form impressions of them, to make judgments. It only takes a moment or two before we have formed some opinion about the person based on their appearance and body language. Hiring managers and supervisors are no exception. It is a natural reaction. So,… Read More »

Personality Tests

During the interview process, you ask questions designed to understand a job candidate’s personality and motivation, to find out what the person is like, what kind of character they have. You may be satisfied with this assessment of the job candidate and your own judgment. Many companies, however, are now going a little further in… Read More »

How to Improve Performance with Notetaking

With the universality of laptops, tablets, iPads and the like at our disposal, it would seem that recording information should be much easier. And, in a certain way, this is true – we can record more information than ever before. But this is a problem as well because you still have to organize and make… Read More »

Hand Jive

There is a great deal of advice by all sorts of career experts out there telling you what you need to do during an interview – how to answer questions, how to ask questions, how to dress, how to act, how to prepare. And there are many articles out there on body language, the importance… Read More »