Hiring Managers and the Hiring Process

To give job seekers a better idea of what their business is all about, many companies put together videos about their firm and what it does. Some companies pour a lot of time and money into the project. Most companies do this assuming that people will take a look at the video if they are interested in working at the company. But how often do people look at these videos?
No One Looks at Videos
The answer, according to one job finder and career website, is not often at all. After looking at 5,000 career sites online, they discovered that less than two percent of all the people who came to the site looked at company videos. What’s more, less than eight percent bothered to even look at the main career site homepage. People looked only at the job postings.
Candidates Want to See Hiring Managers
What will attract job seekers? Research shows that they want to see hiring managers – a lot more than they want to see a company overview. Job seekers said that looking at a video of the hiring manager would make them much more likely to consider applying for the job and more likely to talk to a recruiter about the job.
Candidates want to see the hiring manager because they think he or she will be able to give them information that will help them to better understand what the job is about and what it involves. They like hearing from someone who can explain the nuts and bolts of the job in a simple, direct, conversational manner, without any bells and whistles or jargon, just unvarnished facts about the job that will help job seekers decide if it’s for them.
Companies Know Better
What is most baffling about this situation is that companies are not making more use of the hiring manger, even though they know this is what job seekers want. In surveys, employers routinely say that the most important source of information for job candidates is the hiring manager.
For most companies, the only role for the hiring manager is still at the interview. So if companies want to take their talent acquisition to the next level, there is one simple way to do it – get the hiring manager out there in front of the job candidates.
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