How to Handle Workforce Issues

Things are not going well with your business. Revenue is slipping while operating costs are climbing. You need to identify the problem or problems. When hunting for these issues, there are three main areas to look at – your employees, your operations, and the market for your goods or services.
The market conditions look good, and so what remains are workforce issues. Here are three of the most common ones and how to handle them.
1. Project Management
This is one area to examine. Are you choosing the right projects? When you plan them, do you have clear and achievable goals and strategies to get to those goals? What kind of oversight is there – are they on schedule? How are your managers at handling unexpected changes or problems that crop up?
If project management is an issue, one thing to do is have your managers complete a six sigma green belt certification. This training focuses on all aspects of project management. Company leadership also needs to schedule regular meetings to review the progress of the projects and to make sure things are running according to plan.
2. Employee Engagement
It’s no secret that employees who are not engaged with their jobs are not as productive as those who are. They tend to create more problems at work and require more of the manager’s time. If employee engagement is a problem, there are things you can do.
One is to make sure you have a good reward and recognition program in place. You need to acknowledge and recognize good work and make sure everyone in the company knows about it. You need to give plenty of feedback, to let employees know how they are doing and make sure they know exactly what is expected of them. Professional development programs will also help with engagement.
3. Not Following Procedures
Companies set up processes and procedures to make sure operations run smoothly and efficiently. If employees are attempting to take shortcuts or otherwise not adhering to the established guidelines, this naturally will cause problems.
To determine if this is the cause of your problems, workers will need to record what they do, the process they go through in doing their jobs. There is software available now to help with this. If, indeed, this is the problem, the company may need to put workers through some additional training to ensure that they know the correct processes and procedures.
After the training, the employees should sign off on the correct procedures to affirm that they understand them and will follow them.
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