Did You Lose Your Job Unexpectedly?

It happens. Layoffs can occur with little warning. If a company is merging, restructuring, downsizing, people can suddenly find themselves without a job. It can be a gut-wrenching experience. You find yourself facing the prospect of a job search while unemployed, which only adds to the stress.
But there is something you can do if you need help fast. There is someone out there whom you can partner with, someone whose sole purpose is to find people jobs that are a good fit for them. That someone is Opti Staffing.

A Real Commitment

When we at Opti take someone on as a client or a candidate, we are making a commitment, a commitment to deliver our best effort. We aim to do more than just provide a service, but to build a real trust with our job candidates. We aim to build relationships based on honesty, integrity and open communication.
That is why we take the time to learn all we can about each candidate. We want to learn about a person’s skills, knowledge and experience, but more than that, we want to find out what interests them, what motivates them, what kind of job they would find challenging.
Our goal is to find a job that is the best match possible for a candidate’s skills and interests.

A Candidate Testimonial

Here is what one candidate had to say about their experience with Opti:
“Tammy in the Vancouver office is a ROCK STAR!!!! After a job offer fell through, I found myself unemployed and freaking out. I decided to try a staffing service for the first time and could not have been more impressed. Everyone in the office was friendly and helpful.”
“Tammy was an absolute pleasure to talk to and I left our meeting feeling much more optimistic about my situation. I was very lucky, as she almost immediately found me a temp position to alleviate the stress over being unemployed (thank you, Tammy!) I am looking forward to working with her to secure a permanent position and am extremely grateful for her help and support. I cannot rave loud enough about my experience and I highly recommend Opti!”

Looking for a job?

Whether you are looking for electrician jobs in Seattle, welding jobs in Vancouver, Washington, press brake operator jobs in Seattle, or manufacturing manager jobs anywhere in the Northwest, Opti Staffing can help you in the job search. We have a temp agency in Seattle, a staffing agency in Vancouver, Washington, as well as Portland, Tacoma, and Salem. Give us a call today.
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