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Where the mighty Columbia River meets the meandering Willamette and where small-town community
sensibilities join metropolitan culture lies the Rose City, Portland Oregon. It is our privilege to bring our
expertise to the people that call this city home, and our pleasure to have made this a home of our own
for more than a decade. Portland is a college town, an art haven, a foodie’s dream, and a center of
industry in the Pacific Northwest.

Proudly Staffing in Portland, OR

Portland’s recreational choices are as diverse as the people who walk its streets. Travel to the west of
the Willamette river to find the historic downtown, hosting as many café’s, restaurants, music venues,
arcades, shops, and theaters as you could hope to explore in a year of Sundays. Food carts dot the
streets, offering food from all over the world. Hop aboard the city’s dependable and extensive rail
system to find the world-famous Oregon Zoo, offering experiences as educational as they are scenic.
Make your way to the opposite side of the river and wend your way through neighborhoods that are
home to hidden culinary and commercial selections. The Portland Metro area is well-known for locally
owned businesses, everything from local breweries to book shops to vintage thrift emporiums. Centrally
located, just east of the river, is the city’s beautifully spired convention center where you’ll find an
endless array of conventions, exhibitions, and cultural gatherings throughout the year.

Perhaps You Prefer to Get Away from the Crowd

Well, look no further than just down nearly any given street. Portland’s prolific park system have earned it a reputation as one of the greenest cities in the US. From beautifully kept local parks to sprawling forests held within the city limits, one needn’t go very far at all to forget they’re in Oregon’s largest city. Forest Park, in the northwest of the city, is one of the largest parks in America, featuring 3.5 miles of walking trails. Portland is also home to one of the most robust biking cultures in the world and boasts 162 miles of bike lanes and 85 miles of paths, including the Springwater Corridor Trail which spans 21 miles from the heart of the city to its western suburbs.
If you’re looking to go a bit farther afield, then you’re in for an embarrassment of riches. To the east
you’ll find the Columbia River Gorge, flanked in landscape ranging from rough and arid hills to lush
rainforests. Travel a bit further and you’ll be treated to one of the most impressive sights Oregon has to
offer: Mount Hood. This 11,250 foot peak is as welcoming as it is stunning. You’ll find hiking, skiing,
snowboarding, and camping aplenty among its snow and tree-lined crags.
Tempting as it is to rave on and on about the many amenities Portland has to offer, let’s get down to
business. The so-called City of Bridges has something of a reputation of being a costly option for setting down roots. And while it is true that housing costs trend higher than the national average by approximately 29%, the state’s aggressive and competitive minimum wage and worker’s rights programs ensure that making a comfortable living after expenses is well within reach with earnings $5 – $10k higher than the national average. Utilities average lower than the national standard due to the city’s largely temperate climate, and its renowned public transit system mean that transportation costs can be mitigated with relative ease.
Portland’s job market is slightly better than average, having experienced some of the same shrinkage over
the past year as the rest of the country but showing greater resiliency, especially in the Construction, Health, and Business Services industries. The city’s long-term trends, however, show significant growth in these and many other fields, including Manufacturing and Technology. This is where Opti Staffing shows what we’re made of!

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