How to Find the Best Temp Jobs in the Portland Area

If you are looking for full-time or contract work, the best way to find it is with a staffing agency in Portland. You may not know a lot about employment agencies in Portland or what they can do for you, but it is probably a lot more than you are aware.

Here is some background about the Opti staffing agency in Portland and its services.

1. The jobs that are available

At Opti, we fill all sorts of jobs – construction, finance, logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, professional services, transportation and warehouse jobs, and skilled trades.
In our operations division, we recruit for jobs in accounting, administration and payroll, customer service, dispatching, human resources, inventory control, planning and scheduling, and shipping and receiving.
In the skilled trades, we are looking for machine operators, fabricators, forklift operators, general laborers, repairmen, millwrights and woodworkers, panel builders, pipe fitters, press brakers, production workers, warehouse staff and welders, among others.

2. The people who apply

Many people who come to Opti are looking for full-time jobs. But they should consider temporary assignments as well. These are a way of earning money while keeping your skills sharp, meeting people, and learning about the industries in your area.

3. What people can earn

The pay range is as broad as the spectrum of jobs we fill, but a number of them have six-figure salaries.

4. Advantages of using a staffing agency in Portland

There are a number of advantages to using an agency like Opti. Because of our connections to various industries, we often know about jobs that companies are not advertising. They do not want to have to deal with a mountain of applications and prefer to have a staffing agency screen candidates for them.
We provide access. When companies ask us to recruit for them, the people we send to them become top candidates to fill the position because companies trust our screening process.
Another advantage of using a staffing agency in Portland is our knowledge and experience of businesses in the Northwest. Because we work closely with companies throughout the region, we know what it is like to work at a particular business, its culture and work environment. So, we can advise job candidates about the places that are likely to be the best fit for them.

5. Advice if you want to use a staffing agency

When you come to meet with an Opti recruiter, you should be prepared to talk about a number of topics. These include your education and work history, your career goals, salary and benefits requirements, and your desired commute time to work.
Also, you should come prepared to talk about your accomplishments and be able to provide facts and figures to support your achievements.

Looking for a job in Portland?

If you are looking for employment, contact Opti Staffing. We are one of the best skilled trades staffing agencies in the region. We have a temp agency in TacomaAnchorageVancouverPortlandLake Oswego, and a temp agency in SeattleGive us a call today.
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