How a Temp Agency in Tacoma Can Help Recruit, Onboard and Retain Top Talent

To find top performers, you cannot simply advertise a job and expect them to just send in an application. These people are in demand. They are interested in more than just a good salary. You need to go look for them.
That is why a staffing agency in Tacoma can be an essential resource in recruiting and retaining the best people. Staffing agencies have contacts with many different businesses. They have networks of people. Good recruiters have their finger on the pulse of an industry. They know who the good people are and where they are. They know how to evaluate people.

Find Talent in the Tacoma area with Opti Staffing

What Employees Want

Salary is important, but it is not the only thing employees value. They want their work to have purpose. They want to feel that their work matters, that they are making a real contribution. They want to work at a company with the same kinds of values they have– one that has clear goals and a vision.
Workers today also value flexibility in their work environment, rather than being tied to rigid schedules. Staffing agency recruiters know what people are looking for in an employer and try to match their goals and values with the best company. Doing this not only helps a company hire the best, but retain them as well.

Recruiting the Best

The competition for the best people is always intense. It takes more than a job board and social media to track them down.
It also takes a discerning eye to spot a potential top performer. Most companies focus on education and experience. Often, this does not tell the whole story. Identifying a top performer is often about recognizing intangibles like work ethic, drive and perseverance, someone who realizes the importance of continual growth and development.
Because of their experience, recruiters at our staffing agency in Tacoma develop a sense for spotting those intangibles. They know how to assess personalities and character. They go beyond the resume.

Passive Recruiting at our Staffing Agency in Tacoma

Many top performers are not even looking for another job. But if approached, they would entertain offers from other companies. These are the passive job candidates. To find these people, it takes some diligent sleuthing. This is an area where recruiters at agencies like Opti excel. Over time, our recruiters have built up extensive networks among employees and managers in the Tacoma area. They can tap into these networks to find hidden gems who would never be discovered otherwise. Moreover, they use the resources on social media, such as LinkedIn, to find talent.

Are you hiring in the Tacoma area?

If you are looking for quality workers, check with Opti Staffing. We are one of the best skilled trades staffing agencies in the region. We are one of the best skilled trades staffing agencies in the region. We have a offices in TacomaAnchorageVancouverPortlandLake Oswego, and a temp agency in SeattleGive us a call today.
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