Introducing Our 2019 Motto: Momentum with Passion and Purpose

As Opti Staffing approaches its twentieth year in business, it is more important than ever that we keep focused on those values and standards that have brought us this far. We are a company built on the interests of our candidates as well as our clients. We prize customer satisfaction over bottom lines and quantity. Most of all, we strive to better our community by prioritizing excellence in staffing and consulting.
Each year Opti Staffing chooses a focus, a theme that will guide our behaviors and perspectives as we approach our work. More than just a motto, these words are a guideline through which we can filter our interactions and a reminder that having a diverse and adaptable view of the industry is invaluable to providing the best service possible. The necessity for progress is central to the theme of 2019: Momentum with Passion and Purpose!
Momentum is a measurement for the quantity of motion something possesses. Opti has undeniably gained momentum, providing more employment opportunities and opening more doors as each year has gone by. What good is a head of steam, however, if we do not harness it for greater accomplishments. It is our ceaseless endeavor to continue to grow; to touch more lives and provide greater and more meaningful help to those we represent.
Passion is perhaps the greatest asset which Opti Staffing has to offer. To anyone familiar with our work, it will come as no surprise that we eat, sleep, and breathe the staffing industry. Our founding executive team each have decades of experience and love for the work they do. This drive and commitment are reflected in the performance of every person under the collective Opti roof.
Our purpose has been clear since day one. “Our Success is Determined by Your Success”. These words, found on every correspondence we send, are the bedrock on which our company was built. Creating an organization where others could achieve greatness and feel good about the work they do was the goal and focus that led to our founding, and it continues to guide our actions every day.
Momentum with Passion and Purpose: three seemingly-obvious and deceptively-powerful words. As we continue to reach new heights and forge new partnerships in 2019, these words will be present at the forefront of our thoughts. As we build new relationships and venture into new territory, we will carry the Opti banner proudly, knowing that these priorities will safeguard the experience of those we represent and the future of our company.
Having a strong focus, however, means little without application. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we explore how members of our talented team interpret “Momentum with Passion and Purpose” into action. What does it mean to operate by these words on a daily basis, and how does it affect the way in which we interact with our clients and our pool of quality candidates?
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