How to Cope When Things Go Wrong

It’s been a bad week so far. Things are not going well at work. Despite your best efforts, problems keep popping up, glitches occur, and the boss is not happy. So, when you have such a week, what can you do to keep your sanity and get through it? Here are a few ideas.
1. Get some sleep
Your work may be giving you some sleepless nights, but you need to try your best to get a good night’s sleep. Most people need seven to eight hours. Sleep helps to reduce stress, as well as improving your performance. Coming to work deprived of sleep is almost the same as being drunk, according to research.
2. Get exercise
There is nothing better for fighting stress. Exercise improves your health, helping to prevent illness and many serious conditions, like heart disease and diabetes. It also improves your mood and emotional well being. And it improves your cognitive ability as well.
3. Take a day off.
Taking a break will help you get a little relief and a little distance, helping you to clear your mind and get some perspective.
4. Get together with a friend.
Maintaining social connections is essential to good mental health and well being. Plus, you will have a sympathetic ear to listen to your complaints.
5. Make plans for the weekend
This will give you something to look forward to when your week from hell is over. Plan a trip or some other activity that you enjoy. Just planning it will help to improve your mood and help with stress.
6. Take a hot shower or bath
This is another good way to reduce stress and just relax. It helps to relax your muscles and calm your mind as well.
7. Eat something you like
Use the opportunity to splurge a little and indulge in a food that you normally would not include as part of your diet. Hot dogs maybe, or macaroni and cheese. This is just another little way to improve your mood.
8. Connect with family
Talking to a sibling or parents is another way to get some support and perspective.
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