How to Focus

To be productive at work, you need to be able to focus. That sometimes can be difficult to do because there are mor e than a few distractions in the office to deal with. There are conventional ways to help improve your focus, such as removing the distractions – avoiding email or social media, drinking some coffee, taking a walk before you begin to clear your head.
But there are also other ways to improve your focus, ways that are a little more offbeat but that may help nonetheless.
1. Doodling.
Many people doodle. It is for many just a way to pass the time. But research has shown that doodling really can aid in thinking. It can help you to focus. It can also help to spur creativity as well. During a meeting or presentation, doodling actually helps you to focus your attention and listen better, as well as to assimilate the information better.
If you are having difficulty getting started, doodling can help to get your focused and to get your mind working.
2. Making a don’t do list.
We all make to-do lists, and they can be effective in helping us to get things done. But making a list of things you should not do can help as well. These are things that can have a negative effect on your focus, things that can distract you, like frequent checking of email, noodling about on social media, overanalyzing a project rather than taking action, and the like. Writing down these things can help to remind you that you need to be avoiding them.
3. Take a break
Sometimes we can try too hard to focus. You are having difficulty concentrating, so you try to force yourself to focus, but the more you try, the more your mind wanders. The solution may be not to force the situation, but to take a break, do something else.
Go take a stroll, chat with the colleague, call a friend, organize your workspace. Then get back to work. You may find it much easier to focus after veering off course for a little while.
4. Chew gum
Yes, research has shown that this actually helps you to focus better.
5. Meditate
Again, studies have shown that meditating can help you to concentrate better. Daily meditation can help you to improve your focus. It can also help you to get started on your work if you are having trouble. Before you begin working, take five minutes to focus on your breathing.
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