How to do Good Time Management

Time management. It may mean something different to different people, but it’s something we all see as important. How can we best manage our time to be the most productive? Here are a few tips from a time management expert.
1. Get off to a fast start with some easy, routine tasks.
At the beginning of your day, choose a few tasks off your to do list that are important but that can be done quickly and relatively easily. It might be something like a phone call or taking care of an important email. Set a time limit for accomplishing these tasks.
2. Stay on top of your schedule and your calendar
Map out your priorities with a schedule – determining how much time to devote to each task. Set up your schedule so that you can get your most important work done. You calendar should control your day, not the other way around.
If you find yourself falling into a procrastinating mode, here are a few helpful tips.
1. Establish a goal and make a plan of action.
Come up with a well defined, reasonable goal, one that you can achieve in a few steps.
2. Break a goal into smaller tasks
This is a standard time management tool. If you have a big project to do, you might not know how to approach it, so you need to break it down into smaller, more workable tasks. Block these tasks out on your daily schedule, and then tackle them one by one each day.
What you can do is establish your overall goal, and then, working backward, come up with benchmark goals along the way. Set up a schedule for accomplishing each goal, and set a time limit for completing your project.
3. Do something.
It doesn’t matter what, just get started on something. The reason many people procrastinate is that they don’t know where to begin, so just pick something and dive in. Get moving.
4. Keep your to-do list short
It is best to limit it to about three things a day. This way you know what to focus on. If your to-do list is too long, you are unlikely to ever get to those things at the bottom of the list anyhow. They just sit there, weighing on your mind. Focus on just a few things and getting those things done.
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