How to Deal with Bad Mental Habits

We all fall into bad habits now and again. It is true for behaviors and for our ways of thinking as well. Negative thoughts can play a big role of robbing us of energy and motivation if we are not careful. In order to avoid these pitfalls in our thinking, we need to recognize them, and know what we can do about them. Here are a few of those problem mindsets we need to watch out for.
1. Inventing excuses
Some people are very good at blaming everything for their failures except themselves. It is not hard to see why people can fall into this habit – there are often factors beyond our control that can hamper our efforts. But, by focusing exclusively on those external factors, we fail to see how our actions might have contributed to our failure, and what corrections we need to make. If we look at the things we can control, rather than the things we cannot, we will better be able to put forth more effort.
2. Expecting the worst
If you think things are going to fall through or go bad, odds are that they will. If you are constantly thinking about all the ways that something could go wrong, you are simply setting yourself up for failure. You need to focus on what you need to do to make things go right.
3. Doubting yourself
We all fall victim to this mental malady from time to time. But we cannot overindulge in these kinds of feelings because they also will dampen our energy and focus. Again, it is important to focus on the positive, one what are skills and achievements are.
4. Second-guessing yourself
This is also a tremendous drain on motivation and energy. Do you best to make the best decision possible, and then let it go. Constantly wondering whether you have made the right choice only wastes time and energy on an essentially futile task.
Research has shown that the best way to make a decision a good one is to do all we can after we make the decision to ensure its success.
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