How to Improve Your Job Descriptions

The first contact a job seeker has with your company may come in the form of a job description. So, you want to make sure your job post captures the attention of job seekers and that it gives a good impression of your company. To do this, you need to avoid these fairly common mistakes.
1. A job description that is too long.
You want to make sure that your description gives a good overview of what the duties and responsibilities of the job are, and that is admirable. But you need to be careful that you don’t cram too many details into it.
When a job seeker sees a job description that is just a huge block of print, it does more to make the person overlook it than read it. Cramming too much into the description is not going to make for compelling reading. Job hunters are bombarded with a boat load of descriptions from a lot of different sources. They are unlikely to take a great deal of time to slog through one that is long and convoluted.
So, keep the descriptions short, with just the essential duties and details. Also, make them easier to read by using bullet points, headings and sub-headings, short sentences, and dividing them into sections. If you can add pictures and video, that will also help.
2. A job description that is not interesting
If the description is simply a list of duties and a short overview of the company, it probably won’t attract a lot of attention. The description should also sell the company to job seekers. It should give them an idea of what it is like to work at the business, what the culture is like. It should tell them why the company is such a great place to work at.
One way to do this is by telling a story about the company. People like to read stories.
3. A job description that plays games.
Some employers include instructions on their job descriptions, a keyword an applicant needs to include, or some other task the person needs to do. These are just lazy ways of trying to weed people out. If the person doesn’t follow the instructions, the employer can cross them off the list.
But this is not a good way to attract people. To begin with, you may be excluding people who might be good candidates for the job. A job ad is intended to attract interest, create enthusiasm, not screen people out. That comes later.
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