Before You Quit

You have been conducting your job search for several months, and nothing has happened. Or you have been trying to move ahead in your job at work for a long time now, with little to show for it. Or maybe you have been trying continually to get some new procedures implemented at work, but without much success.
It is in these situations that you might just think your efforts are useless and that it is time to throw in the towel. It seems like you have done all that you can, that you are just banging your head against the wall. You don’t want to waste more time on something that probably will never happen. This is a reasonable way of thinking. And yet, you know that quitting will be a real blow to your ego and your spirits. Before you walk away, take a little time and follow these steps.
1. Take a time out.
Stop your efforts. You are taking a break. Do something to relieve the stress that has been building up. Go for a walk, do some breathing exercises, go to the gym, take a little trip. Get away from the field of battle, so to speak, for a little while.
2. Think about your situation
You want to examine where you are at, to take account of your situation. You want to do this as calmly and rationally as possible. Banish from your mind all the self-recriminations or feelings of failure. It may be through no fault of your own that you are where you are.
Try to do an honest assessment. Have you reached your limit? There is no shame in recognizing that you can go no further.
3. Look at alternatives
First of all, consider whether you want to continue your efforts. If so, what can you do practically to actually help yourself make progress – what changes do you need to make? The path you have been following is not working. You need to try a new approach. For instance, if you are looking for a job, do you need to hire a job coach? Make sure to find people who can encourage and support you. It could be a mentor or family and friends.
If you decide to discontinue your efforts, consider what lessons you have learned from your struggle. Don’t take this postmortem lightly. You paid mightily for the experiences and the knowledge you have gained. It may be useful in the future.
Then, think about what your next goal or project will be, and get started.
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