How to Gain the Respect of Employees

If you are a manager, gaining the respect of your employees is important. But, as the saying goes, respect needs to be earned. And earning it is more about your actions than your words.
You earn respect when you do your job well; that is, when you employ good management techniques. Some of the things you need to do:
1. Admit your mistakes.
Own up to it when you are wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, and you need to hold yourself accountable when you do. It sets a good example for your employees, as well as letting them know that they don’t have to fear taking risks either because they may make a mistake.
You also have to admit when you don’t know something as well. Trying to bluff your way through never works, and it diminishes the respect employees have for you. If you don’t know something, find the answer.
2.Support your employees
Give them recognition for a job well done, and reward them for their work. A good employee recognition program is important for the morale of any organization. Showing them you appreciate their efforts will engender their respect.
You should also always be available to them, anytime. You should have an open door policy. And you should keep the lines of communication open. You need to find what they need in order to do their jobs well, and then make sure that they get it. You also need to be a role model.
3.Set clear goals and expectations and involve your employees in determining how they should be achieved.
Again, you need to show that you take an interest in your employees and that you value their opinions. You need to listen as well as give commands.
4. Work to develop employees that show real promise.
You need to take the time to mentor your outstanding performers, to help them move ahead and realize their potential. This does not mean showing favoritism, as you should be available to help everyone. But some employees are ready to learn and apply more information than others, and they should be given the opportunity to do so.
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