You Hate Your Job. Now What?

So, you hate your job. There are many reasons why someone would not be enamored of their current employment, whether it is a bad boss, a bad company, the people you work with, or the work itself.
Whatever the case, how do you cope with such a situation?
Coping in large part depends on the cause of your disillusion. If work is miserable because of problems with coworkers, there are things you can do to attempt to sort things out, whether talking to the person directly, or going to a supervisor. The same is true with a bad boss. You can try to work things out with him or her.
If, however, your attempts to improve the situation have failed, or there is nothing you can do about the situation to begin with, there really is only one solution to the problem, and it’s no secret – you need to find a new job.
If you like what you do, and it is the particular situation at the place you are at that is causing the problem, you can begin a straightforward job search. Start networking with others in your field to find out the lay of the land. This is easier now than ever with social media.
In the meantime, it’s OK to vent, as long as you don’t do it at work. Try getting more exercise as well, as this helps to reduce stress and even improve attitude.
If you hate your job because you have discovered that you just don’t like the work, or you liked the work at one time, but now find it tedious and stale, it may be time to look for new line of work.
You need to first take some time to figure out what you really love to do. What would you do even if you didn’t get paid for it? Once you have decided, you need to work on your skills in this area. That can be done by taking classes or through volunteer work, and especially by practicing on your own. That means you will have to give up your leisure time to devote to this effort.
Then you will need to figure out how to market yourself. You have a skill set, but many others have similar skill sets. What is it that sets you apart, that makes you unique, that you can offer that will really help a business bottom line?
Then finally, you have to again network to find the opportunities to put your skills to work.
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