Handling Stress Like a SEAL

You may have a stressful job, but there are very few people whose jobs can match those of a Navy SEAL for stress. So how do SEALs handle such stress? There are several ways.
One way is preparation, In addition to going through hours and hours of training for all types of situations, SEALs practice mental training as well. They run through in their minds what they might encounter during a mission and then attempt to plan for anything that may happen. You can do this too. For example, if your boss calls you into his office, you can take some time to run through in your mind different scenarios and how they might unfold and how you will respond to each. This will help calm your anxiety and approach the situation with more confidence.
One of the most important ways SEALs beat stress is by giving themselves pep talks. Research has shown that one of the most debilitating attitudes people have is negative thoughts, working ourselves into a panic by thinking the worst. SEALs practice just the opposite, by relentlessly thinking only positive thoughts, telling themselves that they have the courage and stamina and perseverance to get through any situation.
SEALs also revel in the struggle. They see times when things are at their worst as opportunities to show what they are made of, as challenges to show how good they are. It’s easy to sail a vessel when the see is calm, but only those with superior ability and willpower can handle the tiller in a rough sea.
Another way that SEALs handle stress is through meditation and deep breathing exercises. These tend to slow our thinking processes and have a calming effect. One technique SEALs use is to first breathe in deeply until the count of four, then letting the air out for another four counts, and doing this for four minutes several times throughout the day.
Research has also shown that meditation also works well to calm the mind and handle stress. There are various ways to practice meditating, but all are beneficial. And meditating does not have to take up a lot of time. You can do it in as little as ten minutes a day.
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