Employee Engagement Surveys

It is no secret that employee engagement is important to the success of any company. Engaged employees go above and beyond to give their best efforts for the company and care regarding their work.
As a result, companies are doing what they can to elevate employee engagement. One of the tools in their toolbox is the employee engagement survey. Often, companies use a vendor to conduct the survey, which is a standardized instrument.
But if your company is doing this, it may not be getting all the benefits from it that it could. To conduct an effective survey, there must first be some planning and guideline development. And companies should avoid using a one-size-fits-all kind of survey that may not be suited to the particular needs of your business.
Before doing the survey, the first thing your company needs to determine is what you mean by engagement, according to human resource consultant Jason Lauritsen. This will differ from company to company, depending on things such as size, location and industry. You need to determine what it means for your company before you measure it with a survey.
The next thing you need to do, according to Lauritsen, is explain clearly how your definition of engagement affects the bottom line. In other words, how will improving engagement improve performance and business results? Again, if you use some generic survey from a vendor, it might not have the application to your business that you need.
Once you have determined these two criteria – your definition of engagement and its connection to results – you can more effectively measure it. You can make a better decision about the best survey to use and how to go about measuring. The survey should be able to yield real insights that will help the company’s leadershi improve the work environment and that will ultimately lead to better business results.
It will allow you to collect the data you need to see how improved engagement is affecting the bottom line.
But it’s also necessary to remember that to make it as valid and accurate as possible, the survey should be given to all company employees. And they should all get the same survey. They also need to be informed about the importance of it for the company. And then, the company needs to follow up on the findings it delivers.
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