Tips for Interviewing with Staffing Firms

You may think that if you apply for or interview with a temporary staffing firm that it doesn’t really “count,” that a temporary firm isn’t a real employer.
You couldn’t be more wrong.
Staffing firms such as the Opti Staffing Group are bona fide employers. The work you do for us on assignments will be noted: We can and could provide you with references for future employment.  In fact, we encourage you to put your time with us – or with any other staffing firm – on your resume/work list.
In addition, not a few of our positions could lead to full-time work with your assignment company.
So when you register/interview with a staffing firm, you should take it just as seriously as you would with any other company. You should:

  • Dress professionally/appropriately for the type of work you’re seeking. If you’re looking for clerical/professional assignments, wear a suit/tie (for men) and a skirt/pant suit (or professional looking dress) if you’re a woman.
  • Arrive on time. Call ahead if you will be late.
  • Prior to your interview, take a look at the staffing firm’s website. See how long the firm has been in business, what types of assignments it offers (clerical, professional, medical, industrial, etc.). Talk about something interesting information you found there – this shows your interviewer that you care about her company and what her firm can do for you. It also shows initiative.
  • Just as at any other company, your staffing firm interviewer will want to know why you’re looking for new opportunities, will want to know what you feel your best attributes are, what your goals are, etc. Don’t be shy about letting your staffing manager know of your career goals.
  • That said, understand that the staffing manager is looking to find people for positions the client company needs filled. A staffing manager wants to help you find work, but it could take a while until a client company has an opening that fits your skills. Be patient and professional. (It’s also perfectly acceptable to register with more than one staffing firm.)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask how often assignment turn into full-time work with the staffing firm’s client companies.
  • Be sure you let your staffing manager know if you’re looking for full-time work. Let her know if you’re really happy working temporary positions. If so, let her know if you only want short-term assignments (days or a few weeks long) or if you’d take on assignments that are a few months in duration.
  • Once hired, be sure you let your staffing manager know when you’ve upgraded your skills while on assignment. Send her an updated resume regularly, as applicable.

Here at the Opti Staffing Group, we’re always looking or skilled and reliable people for temporary as well as direct-hire opportunities with companies in Anchorage, Seattle, Chicago, Tacoma, Portland, and Lake Oswego. Contact us today.