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How to Handle Deadlines

Deadlines are something that just about everyone has to deal with. They are pretty much a fact of life at work. We have deadlines to make sure we get things done. So, deadlines are generally assumed to be necessary. And they do enable us to get things done. But there are problems inherent in the… Read More »

How to Make a Good Presentation

In many jobs, it is necessary from time to time to talk in public, to give a speech. Some do this well – their talks are organized, persuasive, and interesting. Others are not so good at it – their speeches are rambling and dull. What is it that separates the two? It is using rhetoric… Read More »

Competition — Why It’s Good and Why It’s Bad

We live in a competitive world. Business is competitive. Succeeding is often defined in terms of competition – doing better than everyone else. And this isn’t necessarily bad. Competition often goads us into working harder. It pushes us to do more and do better. But an overemphasis on competition, on constantly making comparisons between ourselves… Read More »

How to Put Some Distance Between You and Your Work

Many people today are stressed out from work. Companies have laid off people and so are expecting more from those who are left. There is always the pressure to perform, to increase productivity. To regain some sense of composure and balance, it is important not to let work take over our lives. We need to… Read More »

Just a Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

It is pretty much common knowledge these days that exercise is important. It has a host of benefits too numerous to name in a short article, all of which can improve your performance and productivity on the job. It can improve your cardiovascular health, your mental alertness, your stamina, your feeling of well being. It… Read More »

How to Handle a Background Check

Background checks on job applicants are common practice among employers. Generally, they don’t turn up anything. But things get a bit trickier if a background check does find something. How should you handle it? Situations like these need to be handled on a case by case basis, depending on a number of different factors, such… Read More »

How to Avoid Things That Steal Your Time

When we look at areas where we can save time, we generally look at our work – how can we do it more efficiently and effectively so that we take less time? How can we cut back on meetings? But there are other time sinks that we routinely run into during the day, things that… Read More »

Are Business Cards Necessary in the Digital Age?

In this day and age of smart phones and other mobile electronics, how necessary is it to have a business card? This has generated a good deal of debate among career experts. Some feel business cards are relics of an age past, that they are no longer needed, while others say they still serve a… Read More »

Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance at Your Company

To attract and retain high performing workers, companies need to provide a good work environment. One component of this is enabling employees to maintain a good work-life balance. But how do you know if your company is doing enough to ensure this balance, and whether workers are satisfied with the company’s efforts? To find out,… Read More »

How Job Description Length Affects Responses

Recent surveys have revealed some interesting information about the length of job descriptions and the applications that result from them. The surveys looked at a total of 400,000 job seekers and the 30,000 plus applications they submitted to companies using various electronic media during the course of their search. The study showed that there is… Read More »