The Best Way to Start Your Day

How do you usually begin your day? Is your first stop at the coffee pot? Then what, to your desk where you putter around a little, rummage through emails and maybe skim the news sites on the web?
If you want to get the most out of the day, you need an effective routine to get it started. It should prepare you to hit the ground running and move ahead. Here’s a little checklist to help you do just that, something that will take just 10 to15 minutes.
1. Reflect
After you have poured yourself a cup of coffee and you are at your desk , think a little while sipping the java. Where are you at with your work, what have you accomplished so far and what do you need to do yet?
2. Get your work area ready
Make sure everything is adjusted to where it is most comfortable – chair, keyboard, mouse, computer screen.
3. Check to-do list and prioritize
Look over the tasks you have on your list. Organize them by putting the most important things you need to do first on the list. Don’t confuse important with urgent. Something may be urgent but not important. Also, look for tasks that you take off your list. The list should be relatively short. If you have a long one, odds are you probably won’t ever get to those things at the bottom. Can you take things off the list? Does it matter if some of the tasks are not done?
4. Greet coworkers.
This will help to get you ready for work and to find out where things stand on common work projects.
5. Organize
Research has shown that when things are disorganized – you have a messy desk – your productivity suffers. So, clean up your work space. Put everything where it needs to be.
6. Skim email.
The important word here is skim. This is just a quick check to see if there are any urgent messages that require an immediate response. You don’t want to get bogged down going through email. You need to set aside a designated time later in the day for going through your emails more thoroughly.
7. Distractions
Think about what could interrupt you when you begin working and see what you can do to avoid the potential distraction before it happens.
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