Why Should Companies in the Pacific Northwest Partner with a Construction Staffing Agency?

Construction companies are experts in completing any number of projects that are expected to come in on time and within budget. In any construction project, time is money. Most companies have little time to spare on workers for their construction team. They typically don’t have the structured process or recruiting expertise necessary to handle it quickly and efficiently.  

As the construction industry continues to boom in the Pacific Northwest, companies find it increasingly challenging to source the skilled workers they need to get the job done. The region’s rapid growth, combined with a shortage of qualified tradespeople, has led many companies to partner with construction staffing agencies to meet their staffing needs. 

5 Reasons Why Construction Companies Should Partner with Construction Recruiters Before their Next Big Project 

The construction industry is highly competitive, and companies are always looking for ways to gain an edge over their rivals. Hiring the best workers is one way to accomplish that goal. Skilled construction professionals are in great demand. If you want top talent, you’ll have to spend much time and energy sourcing and screening them. 

Construction companies look to build a skilled workforce while remaining within budget and hitting project deadlines. Employers can stay ahead of the competition by partnering with construction recruiters. Here are five reasons you should rely on these experts can help builders source and hire skilled, experienced candidates who are ready to work. 


Opportunity to take advantage of the construction recruiter’s expertise 

It takes a lot of time for a hiring manager to go through hundreds of applications to find one top candidate – time they can’t spare. That’s why you need a construction staffing agency. Quickly identifying talent is among their most powerful tools. 

 You wouldn’t expect a finish carpenter to know plumbing. Why expect a construction manager to be a recruiting expert? That’s what construction recruiters are for. They are recruiting experts with in-depth construction industry knowledge.  

Companies can benefit from the expertise and insights of a construction recruiter. Recruiters understand the specific skills and experience required for different roles and can help companies make informed decisions when hiring for specific projects. They can also offer advice on hiring trends, salaries, and the availability of talent in the market. 

Construction staffing services thoroughly screen each worker long before they arrive at the job site. Their rigorous process ensures every candidate has the skills and experience required and the background and work ethic you expect before you welcome them as a valued team member. 


Construction Staffing Agencies have access to a pool of qualified and talented candidates 

One of the greatest challenges construction companies face is finding the right people for their projects. According to Associated Builders and Contractors, the construction industry is expected to add more than half a million new jobs in 2023 to keep up with demand. Increased demand will only make hiring more difficult.  

The best construction staffing agencies (the ones you want to work with!) have a pool of pre-qualified ready-to-work candidates. They conduct extensive skills assessments, screening and reference-checking to ensure each construction worker in their talent pool meets their standards and fits the requirements of their employer clients. 

Construction recruiters also have access to a pool of qualified and talented candidates currently employed and not actively seeking work. They can leverage their networks to source top candidates with the skills and experience required for a particular project – getting qualified people to your job site faster.  


Construction Staffing Agencies hire quickly and efficiently 

In the construction field, you’ve got to move fast. Illness, injuries and absences can lead to project delays, missed deadlines and cost overruns. The proven expertise of a construction staffing agency can save the day. Construction recruiters provide workers fast, heading off costly delays.  

The recruitment process can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if a company hires for multiple roles. Construction recruiters can help companies save time and money by streamlining the hiring process. They have the resources and expertise to quickly identify, screen, and interview candidates, ensuring construction companies fill their staffing needs promptly and efficiently. 

Running a construction business may be rewarding, but it is stressful. With deadlines to meet, clients to keep happy, and employees to manage across different job sites, every minute counts. Finding and hiring workers can distract you from these priorities. A construction staffing agency shoulders that burden so you can focus on your goals.  

Staff shortages don’t have to result in setbacks. You don’t need to spend hours reading resumes and applications only to find another company has snapped them up first. A construction staffing agency can provide you with skilled, qualified workers even on short notice, ensuring your project can continue without interruption, no matter what obstacles arise. 


Manage labor force levels with project flow 

There are few industries with more ups and downs than the construction industry. During the summer, the need for construction workers peaks; in the winter months, it slows and can even bottom out. The best-case scenario is shifting to indoor projects until the spring thaw. That can still mean a shift in the mix of workers required on-site.  

But construction companies can manage their labor force (and expenses) with the help of a construction staffing agency. When demand rises, they can source temporary candidates without increasing their head count.  

Temporary-to-hire staffing allows construction managers to assess an individual on the job before making a hiring decision. Direct hire recruiting of talented individuals is still an option if that’s what’s best for your business.  

Construction projects can be unpredictable, with staffing needs changing depending on the project’s stage. Construction recruiters can help companies manage labor force levels to match project flow. They can quickly ramp up or scale down staffing levels as needed to ensure that projects stay on track and within budget. 

If your construction business takes on seasonal projects with tight deadlines, you know the challenges of finding skilled labor at short notice. A construction staffing agency can be a lifesaver, preventing your company from being understaffed or overstaffed at any point during the project. 


Help save time and costs on training new talent 

When construction companies hire through a construction staffing agency, they can rest assured they are getting well-qualified candidates who are screened and ready to work. You spend less time training new workers; they can be productive immediately.  

Training new talent can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when you’re on a tight project deadline. A construction recruiter can save time and money by sourcing candidates with the required skills and experience. This helps ensure new hires can hit the ground running and contribute to the project from day one. 

Hiring expenses can quickly add up for a construction company. Typical hourly rates for construction workers in the U.S. range from about $17-$21, depending on skill and experience. At that rate, construction companies can’t afford unproductive workers. Short-staffed companies must also worry about overtime costs and the potential for worker fatigue leading to incidents or injuries on the job site. 

Construction staffing services give you the resources to increase workforce productivity, mitigate costs, and minimize employment risks. By partnering with a staffing agency, you gain access to seasoned workers who know how to meet quality standards, fulfill client expectations, and hit tight deadlines without delay.  

When you work with a construction staffing agency, they remain the employer of record for the workers they deploy to your site. You don’t have to worry about benefits, workers’ comp, unemployment insurance and other employment risks. All you’re responsible for is the hourly rate your staffing partner charges.  

No more reviewing resumes, interviewing, and checking references. The staffing agency will handle everything, freeing you to focus on your business. 

Partner with a Construction Staffing Agency to find top talent in WA, OR, AK 

Since 1999, Opti Staffing has have worked with construction companies to provide employees who fit their culture and bring the skills and experience needed to make a positive impact on their job site.  

We understand the importance of meeting construction deadlines and having access to the people you need. That’s why companies count on us when they need a temporary staffing agency in Anchorage, Alaska, Lake Oswego, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver, Washington and throughout the Pacific Northwest that is focused on the construction industry.  

Positions our Construction Staffing Agency Recruits For Include: 

  • Construction Planner Schedulers 
  • Construction Project Managers 
  • Estimators 
  • Forepersons 
  • Project Accountants 
  • Project Administrators 
  • Project Engineers 
  • Superintendents 
  • Union Payroll 
  • And More! 


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