Three Ways Opti Solved Client Problems In Portland

If your company has staffing problems, Opti can solve them for you. The following testimonials show how we helped these clients get the people they needed.

“We have used Opti Staffing in Portland for approximately one year now and have been extremely pleased with our relationship. They took the time to determine our needs, so when they suggest people to fill open positions, they have a high probability of meeting our expectations. We now have employees on our payroll that came through the Opti program and are a very good addition to our team. “We have also been able to call with short-time needs that they have been able to fill. This saves us a tremendous amount of time and cost by having them do the advertising and preliminary interviews before we get a candidate suggested to us. They do a great job of follow-up to make sure interviews went as planned, and they also do routine calls to make sure our needs are being met with their candidates as they are working for us. The local staff has been very good to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone as I have done in the past.”

Mike Vallery, shop manager

“The reason I work with Opti Staffing is because you and your staff are so professional. I know that I can count on you to provide temporary services as well as permanent employees. I know that you are constantly working on having a group of people to send out on interviews, so you are ready when I call and need someone ASAP. You have always asked the right questions to fully understand what I need and want. You’re the best!”

Julie Hansen, General Manager

“Andrew spent time visiting my facility and getting to know our specific needs. He listened and then actively searched to find the right fit for me and my staff in a temp-to-hire position. Andrew showed a genuine desire to help place the right person who could thrive in my business. I truly appreciate his efforts and attitude, and for that he’ll be the only one to fill any staffing needs I have. ”

Neer Patel

These testimonials show how Opti helped to solve staffing problems for our clients. We accomplished this in three important ways.

1. Screening candidates

We can save our clients time and money by finding candidates and doing the preliminary interviews before we recommend them. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate all of our job candidates, to learn about them as people, not just as workers.

2. Follow up

We follow up with our clients to make sure that the people we send to them are meeting their expectations. We make every effort to work with both our clients and workers to make sure the placement is a success.

3. Understanding your needs

Before we send any people to a client, we take the time to learn about their company, to understand the requirements of the job that needs to be filled, and what the company is looking for in a new employee.

Hiring and Want the Help of a Trusted Staffing Partner?

If you are looking for quality workers, check with Opti Staffing. We are one of the best staffing agencies in the region. We are one of the top staffing companies in Seattle. We also have a staffing agency in Tacoma, a temp agency in Vancouver, Washington, a staffing agency in Portland, and a staffing agency in Salem, Oregon. Give us a call today.

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