Leadership Tips for Engineering and Technical Professionals

How can a person be an effective leader of technical workers?
People who are in leadership positions of technical professionals identified some of the most important skills needed to be effective. Most of the leaders – 80 percent – believed building trust with your team to be the skill having the greatest importance.
This was followed by building collaborative relationships, giving specific and relevant feedback, coaching team members, delegating well, encouraging team members to be proactive in solving problems, having a willingness to receive feedback from others, and supporting risk taking and innovation among team members.

How to build trust? Here are a few tips.

1. Transparency

Keep your employees in the loop. Let them know what is happening at the company. Be honest with them in sharing information.

2. Listen

Listen to what your employees have to say. What is on their mind? Pay attention to their concerns, complaints and suggestions, and act on them if possible.

3. Be available

Make yourself available when a worker wants to meet with you. Having an open-door policy is best.

4. Avoid finger pointing

People inevitably make mistakes. But you only make matters worse by looking for someone to blame or letting your employees cast blame. When a mistake is made, you want to find out why it was made and how it can be avoided in the future.

5. Be fair and consistent

Don’t play favorites. If you give perks to some employees but not others, it will create an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion. You also need to be consistent, You cannot respond one way on one occasion and a completely different way at another time.

6. Show integrity

When leaders act with integrity, they build trust among their employees. When leaders keep their word, treat others fairly and with respect, they build trust.

7. Take an interest

Another way to build trust is to show an interest in your employees as people, not just as workers. Ask about their family and their interests outside of work.

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