What Companies Are Doing to Keep Employees Safe

A recent survey by a consulting firm revealed that many companies are expecting their employees to return to work. Company representatives said they anticipate having almost all of their workforce back in the office by December.
As their employees return, the companies are taking various measures to keep workers safe.

Here are some of the precautions businesses are taking to provide a safe working environment

Steps to Limit Contact

Just about all of the companies surveyed reported that they now are limiting or are planning to limit larger gatherings and meetings or move to videoconferences. Other measures being taken include limiting access to the general public, realigning shifts for different start times, and limiting the number of people in the building at one time.
Some companies, for example, are separating employees into different teams designated by a color and providing each team with its own break area to maintain social distancing. Other companies are encouraging employees to take the stairs rather than the elevators, or limiting the number of people who can be in an elevator at one time.
A number of businesses are limiting or eliminating all but essential travel. Some companies are restricting travel to counties that have been designated as high risk by the CDC, and others are requiring employees coming from overseas to quarantine for two weeks.

Changes to the Workplace

Businesses are also making changes to the workplace environment to increase safety. They are moving desks and workstations further apart, erecting partitions between work stations, and closing off common areas. Others are using ultraviolet lighting safe for humans, coating surfaces with titanium dioxide, cleaning with water that is electrochemically activated, and continually monitoring air quality.
Preventing the Spread of Covid-19
Firms are also testing employees for Covid-19, checking temperatures to identify people who may have the virus, and doing contact tracing of employees who have been infected.

Personal Protection

The companies surveyed said they are encouraging all employees to wear masks. In addition, about two-thirds said they are encouraging customers to wear masks.


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